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Man Stabbed on Steinway Street early Saturday morning


Feb. 7, 2016 Staff Report

A man was stabbed on Steinway Street early Saturday morning after getting into a dispute with several men, according to police.

The victim was in front of 25-97 Steinway Street at 4:00 am on Saturday when an argument transpired and one of the men displayed a knife and stabbed the victim in the torso.

The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and treated for his injuries, according to the NYPD.

One of the aggressors has been described as male Black Hispanic, 5’3″, approximately 20-years-old, 140-200 lbs. Another male is described as wearing red hat, blue jeans and a black jacket.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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vera lekas

I must admit, that block is filthy. It also doesn’t have enough public litter baskets. As far as all the hookah bars. I don’t see how they serve the community or how they survive. It seems as soon as a successful business opens up another, offering exactly the same opens up next to it or across the street. How does that serve the community, or either business? I don’t understand this mentality.


I agree. The area of Steinway below 28th Avenue is filthy. The rest of Steinway has improved and looks much cleaner nowadays. Perhaps, if the city started ticketing home and business owners or patrons cared things would improve. i do agree with one post that more cops or their own security is need to deter crime and noise.


Coffee shops, hookah lounges and cafés are big business in the Middle East. Coffee has been a part of daily life for a long time. Customers (mostly men) come in to relax and socialize. Now a transition is underway, and consumers are helping to drive a movement toward more modern, Western-style coffee culture and establishments.


What is the appeal of hookah? I don’t get it. I do get that there is no need for 25 different hookah bars on one block serving very berry flavors.

Anonymous visitor

Yea, 25 hookah bars is ridiculous. Most likely they are fronts for something else. Overall that block is a big dump and is filthy.


People need to grow up and not get into “disputes” at 4:00am.

You went out, someone bumped you, say excuse me, go home.


a 5″3″ male with a 140-200lb range? Did the person describing the aggressors have a few too many to drink?


I tried googling the address and area and came across an ad advertising strippers at one of the hookah lounges. Who knows what goes on in those places. Most stores on that block are always so dark and curtained up from street view. Perhaps, if that community wasn’t so “hush, hush” when it came to their business and doings things like this would not happen so often. The only time they speak up is when someone displays another religion like a Christmas tree in their neighborhood.

Grow up

Lmao have you been to Steinway during christmas? There are loudspeakers playing Christmas carols. Ignorant and salty comment. Teens and young adults go those places mostly. Can’t blame businesses for what happens outside, blame the people involved. Would you blame Best Buy if there was a hit and run in front of it?

The speakers

Playing Christmas music stop at 28 th avenue and steinway street. The are affectionately known as “little Egypt” does not have speakers playing during Christmas.

Anonymous visitor

Yea, little Egypt does not want any Christmas decorations or any sign of the holidays from
28th Ave to Astoria Blvd. Thats fine with me, it’s filled with useless hookah bars, filth and litter. Block is disgusting.

Stop letting little s#it annoy you. You are an adult.

I always find it hilarious that people critique a block or neighborhood that they knowingly would never step foot into. If the hookah bars weren’t there, it’d be something else. Would the decorations have made you go there? No, it wouldn’t. Stop being so politically correct.

@ stop letting,

In what way is “filled with useless hookah bars, filth and litter” politically correct?


It seems as if most of the stores in that area do not care about maintaining the outside. They are usually run by a bunch of men with few female workers. Might be a culture thing. Perhaps if they hired more woman the outside wouldn’t look like such a dump. They might view cleanliness as a woman thing.

Y'all some dense mf'ers

It’s a joke you nitwit. Are you really that dense? Let’s be real. It’s not the hookah bars that bother you, hence the “stop being so politically correct”

Anonymous visitor

That whole part of Astoria is like a big toilet bowl. Smells like garbage, litter everywhere. I feel bad for the soles of my shoes if I had to walk on that Crappy dump block.


This is NYC and talking about a groups social and cultural norms/practices is not a bad thing! It enlightens people and could explain certain behaviors and practices others can not understand or do not agree with. Back when i was growing up the Chinese community got a bad rap. Many business owners were made fun of in society because they were seen as rude and hostile to costumers. To sum up, the Chinese immigrant community and others came together and explained that for some greetings, eye contact, small talk etc. were socially and culturally different than the “western” part of the world and that no one was trying to be difficult. This educated our communities and encouraged more tolerance and respect in the USA .

I have

Knowingly stepped foot on “that block” many times. More than once I’ve had to avoid the raw chicken thrown onto the sidewalk. That block could be filled with stores selling nothing but girls scout cookies, apple pie and American flags. If there is raw chicken in the streets, I’d still call it dirty. Has nothing to do with who owns the establishment.


If “hit and runs” or car accidents happened frequently then yes local business’ (best buy based on your point) and the community should get involved and find better ways of decreasing such accidents. I believe parts of Steinway have their own security during the day. Well, this area should have something similar in the night! That patrols the neighborhood. Someone was shot a couple of months ago on that block. Pretty soon a school will open. No one is against the bars and lounges but they should be responsible keeping neighbors and patrons safe.


Most of those establishments shutter their doors within 2 years for not paying rent and back taxes. Many of them also serve alcohol to minors. Fayrooz comes to mind


There is a mosque and school being built on that block. The mostly Middle Eastern businesses and residences in that area should come together and discuss better ways of keeping the community safe. Stores are open until dawn and there are plenty of wanderers especially on the weekends walking around, talking, and hanging out in the street. Too many bad things happening in this area.


Not surprised at all. I live a couple of blocks away and places are staying open until the crack of dawn. The weekends especially have become so loud and full of wanderers (looking for parking, hanging out in the street talking, smoking and drinking) it has been difficult to sleep and unsafe. So sad to see how some aspects of our Astoria neighborhood has changed for the worst. There is a mosque on that block and a school being built. Along with authorities, that area should really get together with the predominantly Arab owned and run business’ and look at what is happening. There is a major incident every other month.


someone was shot in the same location… they need cops out there from 2am -4am when those places are closing. Riff Raff cetral..


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