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Man jumps from 8th floor of LIC hotel, dies instantly

Source: Faris Abdelhalim

Source: Faris Abdelhalim

Jan. 3, 2016 Staff Report

A man jumped to his death from the eighth floor of the Country Inn & Suites hotel in Long Island City Sunday afternoon.

The 46-year-old victim, whose name has yet to be released, had been talking to the police just prior to jumping from the 40-34 Crescent Street hotel at about 2:50 pm, according to a NYPD spokeswoman.

Despite efforts to convince him otherwise, the victim jumped and was pronounced dead on the scene, according to police.

A representative of the hotel would not comment on the incident.

This story was originally posted with a photograph of the victim. It has been taken down out after being viewed as too graphic.

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Wow I live on the building where the police car is parked and never saw this, just lots of blood, but couldn make up what had just happened. Crazy.


i wish the newspaper had not published that photo. this man was a gentle, sweet, caring man who had suffered gravely from depression nobody else other than him could understand. i wish the world could have known this beautiful human being. thank you for all those commenting on this board and the compassion you guys have shown. marianne balazs youre a fucking moron. i hope you get hit by a bus and that its just news you fucking animal


I see that his body is shielded by 2 garbage cans. Whoever did it shows lack of sense, compassion, no dignity for the dying. Only in astoria.


pretty fucked up to show that picture. thats someones kid. would you like it if YOUR kid committed suicide and some ASSHOLE media venue posted the pic of his or her body splattered on the sidewalk? fucking assholes.


I am more offended by your language! Open up a book, a dictionary! Expand your Vocabulary!

marianne balazs

It was posted as any news on the tri state area. If it happened in Manhattan it woudnt be distasful? C’mon. It just news.


Even though you removed the photo here, it still displays prominently and unavoidably in my RSS reader. Publishing it to begin with was in poor taste. It shows a lack of respect for your readers and the Astoria/LIC community.


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