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Man Fires Gun During Dispute Outside Astoria Restaurant: NYPD

March 19, 2019, By Meghan Sackman

Police are searching for a man who fired off a gun during a fight outside an Astoria restaurant early Monday morning.

The fight broke out in front of the new Smoking Pie restaurant, formerly Maya Halal & Grill, located at 25-94 Steinway St., around 12:50 a.m. on March 18 when the suspect fire his gun into the air.

Police say the suspect fled southbound on Steinway Street.

He is described by police as black, and between 20 and 30 years old. He was last seen wearing a black knit cap, a black hooded sweater, a red coat, and red and black sneakers.

No injuries were reported as a result of this incident. The police are also investigating the cause of the fight.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).

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This is what you get with the soft on crime policies by De Blasio.
You can now walk around NYC with a gun in your pocket, while drinking alcohol, smoking weed, pissing on the corner, writing graffiti and jumping turnstiles without having to worry about police stopping you.


No where in this story was it written that someone was pissing on the corner, smoking weed, writing graffiti and jumping turnstiles.

You used this story to support a narrative you wanted.

Dear Boss

No, we’re using what lowlifes do as a rule. You have a problem you must be one of them or their parent.


Stop and Frisk was the main reason why crime decreased from the 90’s up until recently. It’s an effective deterrent that stops many criminals from walking around with weapons.


There are recording of police deliberating targeting people of color to harass them under Stop and Frisk. All the Columbia kids popping pills and doing coke up and down Manhattan never got stopped.

If you want to blame anyone for it going away, blame the police for abusing their power.

Butter weeda and 9 trey

Don’t blame this mutt not his fault!! The blame should be on his date that he met on mashables or Wooplus.


Where AOC? She represents astoria? Too busy supporting fellow Anti-Semitic congresswomen.

Congested in Astoria

It is the only block in all of astoria that has literally 5 to 10 double parked cars at any time of the day and the police do not do a damn thing….the new recruits are out all month why did they not post them on this block between 28 avenue and astoria blvd to ticket and keep traffic moving like the rest of astoria….what has happened to law and order…..

Stop and frisk

How did this piece of s**t get a gun. Where are the police. Lucky no one was killed. Bring back stop and and frisk.


First, I do not agree with you about stop in frisk considering in the court filings police were targeting people for their race first and suspicion of a crime second.

Regarding the gun. I ask this question all the time when a crime is committed with a gun so I did some research.

1) He could have legally purchased the gun because he passed a background check.

2)He could have purchased the gun from a private citizen that does not require a background check

3) He went out of state to buy the gun to one of the known dealers that are easier to buy guns from. By the way, the government is blocked from releasing the data that shows which guns used in crimes are bought from which dealers.

4) We do not have a national electronic registry of guns. Which is ridiculous in 2019. That is why a man can buy 60 guns over a short period of time without raising reds flags and shoot 60-ish people in Las Vegas.

5) The government doesn’t track stolen guns. The government doesn’t track guns given as gifts. There are too many loop holes.

So to answer your questions, it’s very easy!

great idea

Yeah who cares if it’s unconstitutional and the vast majority of victims of searches were innocent. Let’s not fix the gun laws, but instead have a police state.

Pat Macnamara

Nothing I love more than being ordered to bend over and felt up by a man in uniform.

Fed up

One Correction. The name of the business is The Smoking Pie. Maya Restaurant no operates at this location. The reality is Smoking pie is drawing a dangerous crowd and needs to be shut down ASAP.

Pat Shaqnamara

That area is a cesspool. As SteveCus stated, double parked cars, filth, brawls, drugs, are all present. Police do NOTHING lest they might offend the dirtbags who occupy the sidewalks. Empty hookah bars line the street-not that they could be a front for any other activity right? To imply this would be considered racist or hateful.


I am all for an inclusive neighborhood, but we need to cut down on the low class hip hop establishments that are leading to the ghettofication of Steinway Street.


The level of crime on Steinway between 28th and astoria blvd is out of control. Why is there literally no active police presence there? Cars will be double parked 6 deep in front of that dominos and cops don’t ticket. There are brawls on the street on a weekly basis. Drug dealers line the block selling god knows what. And “homeless” women with their infant children beg for cash up and down the block. Its literally 1 block. They can’t station 2 officers there?


I don’t get it either.
The police can walk there in a minute and you never see them.

Don’t get me started on them not ticketing all those double parked cars. Try putting in a 311 for it. They just close it.


Steve….have you looked around astoria lately? You can thank your mayor for that!!!!about no police present. ….lol the 114 a joke, i moved afer 50 yearsliving in astoria bc of the changes, i miss what it was not what has become, .

Skip Seglipse

Because the 114th precinct is one of the most useless precincts in all of Queens. All these guys want to do is sit in their cars and give out moving violations on 21st street.

God forbid you get into a fender bender or need a cop, you’ll be stuck waiting 2 hours.


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