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Man exposes his genitals in Astoria Laundromat, cops say


Suspect (NYPD)

Aug. 8, 2016 Staff Report

Police are searching for a pervert who allegedly exposed himself in a local Laundromat.

The suspect pulled down his pants and displayed his genitals to a 45-year-old woman inside Davebrand Laundromat, located at 32-06 36th Ave, on July 27th at 1:30 pm, according to police.

He then fled on foot to parts unknown.

The NYPD describes the suspect as a male, black, in his 20’s, approximately 6’0” tall, 230 pounds with short, black hair. He was last seen wearing a red and black shirt and a long sleeve black jacket.

Police have released two surveillance photos of the suspect and are asking anyone with any information to call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).


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There was an incident this week where a man snatched a 4 year old girls gold chain in a laundry-mat in Astoria! Perhaps places need to explicitly state that surveillance video is in progress and hopefully deter crimes like this. My parents own a home in Astoria so I check this board every now and then. So glad we chose to rent our home and move to LI. Many homeowners I speak with in Astoria are not happy living there considering the noise, overcrowding and overall recent quality of life issues but others are happy owning and renting while they live elsewhere lol.


If people like Curtis West are the new representatives of Astoria, I’m glad I moved out. I suggest all other decent people do the same. Let the animals kill each other.


Clip off the offending organ of this bastard and prevent him of repeat offenses which always escalate to more offensive acts of crime against women in the big city.

Noo Yoka

For the same reason they used to put Wanted Posters in the Post Office back in the day–the police are looking for him. The picture will be used to obtain a name and address from the neighbors or anyone who knows him.


He was last seen wearing a long sleeve black jacket. In the middle of August. This guy must be mentally challenged.


She was probably hitting on him? Of course! That’s why he exposed himself. You are an idiot!


Why isn’t the security footage of his penis posted online?

How are we suppose to know it’s him if we don’t know what to look for?


Why do they post pictures of suspects? So police can find the alleged suspect(s) and do their jobs. A lot of these incidents start out small and then can lead to bigger assaults. We all seen what happened in Howard beach on the news lately. A communities help, input and response to incidents, crimes, assaults etc. are key factors when investigating and preventing them. Personally, I would rather see what someone looks like who police are trying to question versus a written description.


His picture is on here because there’s a full body picture of his weaner sticking out in public dummy. Smh

Curtis West

Why they putting this man picture in the paper when he’s mot convicted of any thing? Only oppressed men of.color are made to be targets and guilty until proved innocent. In Astoria a black man is guilty and looked out as a criminal. They don’t put white boys pictures 99% of the time but they commit most of the crime I.n astoria. Stop painting all black men as criminal. This must be made a crime to put pictures in peppers over so called ‘accusations’ when she probably was hitting on him.anyway as does happen often in Astoria.


Besides you being a BRAINDEAD PERV……Did you ever go to school ???
That’s actual writing ??
Sooo F_______ Embarrassing !!


What do you think Security cameras are for? To help prevent and investigate allegations/crimes!


If you really feel that way then why don’t you call 311 and file a complaint with Crime Stoppers. To me you sound like someone writing something to stir up negative responses on this blog. This is NYC and most people are smarter than that.


Curtis please provide your source regarding white people committing most of the crime in Astoria. I lived here all my life and know better.


Curtis West is so right, we should all be clueless and idiots. We should also make surveillance camera banned and no longer use
Them, because cameras lie and make up stuff. Way to go Curtis! You’re a genuis!




99% of white men commit the crimes ??

You’re probably the one on camera !
Your time is RUNNING OUT !
You deserve what’s coming to you !


Curtis did you pull your balls out in a laundromat recently?

It is a crime. They put everyone’s photos in the articles when it pertains to a crime.


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