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Man allegedly tells Astoria woman she should be deported, strikes her with umbrella

March 3, 2017 Staff Report

A 69-year-old Hispanic woman was attacked on 31st Street near Ditmars Blvd by a man with an umbrella who told her that she should be deported.

The woman, according to the Daily News, was leaving Key Food at around 1:30 pm Wednesday when a white man in his 60s yelled: “Get the f–k out of my country! You should be deported! I should shoot you!” the Daily News reported. He then swung an umbrella at her, cutting one of her fingers.

The woman, a New York City native of Puerto Rican descent, told the Daily News she’s lived in the neighborhood more 26 years, and she’d never seen her attacker before.

The attacker went onto to swing his umbrella at her.

“I blocked him with my left hand,” and suffered a cut finger, she said.

The victim, according to the Daily News, said she beat him back with her own umbrella. By then, a crowd started gathering, and he took off, repeating his threats as he left, she said.

Cops are investigating the encounter as a possible hate crime.

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Sounds like the homeless squatters, the people asking for money, the random pretty boy tall guy asking for change near Subway and the stationery near TD Bank, the silly kids smoking weed after evenings next to our park, the so called gangsters who do their business past Steinway, and other stories like this are a part of our community now. Then again, stories like these are just part of what’s going on this world. What else is new?

Poparoo 46

You people talk alot of bs maaaaan, im poparoo, im also known as the bull. In the 60s and early 70s maaaan this would never happen. There wasnt many old puerto Rican woman starting all this trouble. That keyfood has been a trouble spot with rowdy senior citizens scince it opened maaaaaaan. Get real maaaaaan


you have alot of homeless people over there along with alot of bums – this area is getting worse and worse — people should be going to their counsel person about this – but I bet he already knows about this –


That is true. There is also this man that walks around cursing, yelling and harassing woman in Astoria. He also stands in front of churches and mosques and screams at worshipers. I have seen him all over the Ditmars area. He comes and goes for months at a time. He has been around for years and most of us know he is not mentally stable and try to ignore him however, now is a different time and i am sure he will get locked up for what he says. I think a lot of these instances have to do with mentally ill people. I also think that that man that attacked the store owner had a previous record of “exposing himself to passing cars while praying.”


She’s a citizen by virtue of or taking over and annexation of her country during our colonial expansion years.


Not defending this person’s actions or his inappropriate escalation but we don’t know if the woman did something to set this guy off. There are inconsiderate people everywhere, legal and illegal. Just because she is a 60+ year old lady doesn’t mean she’s a sweet old granny type. There’s probably another side to this story.

Tom Bosley

Please fill me in on what a woman could say in a grocery store for you to start screaming get out of my fucking country, threaten to shoot the woman and then proceed to attack her with an umbrella. The guy should be thrown in jail psych ward and let to rot because if he can do this in a grocery store he’ll probably do something worse.


This is the 4th incident that i recall reading about someone being attacked because of their race, ethnicity or religion in Astoria. Two involved teens that were beaten, the store owner that was attacked and now this woman. There was also that video of the cab driver being verbally harassed over his ethnicity and religion all over the internet. Recently we had the whole fiscal with Shia’s live stream in Astoria at Kaufman Studios in which many voiced hate speech! Some even claimed to live in Astoria like the men that called themselves “Old Astoria.” I am so embarrassed and deeply upset this is happening here. This is not good for our neighborhood at all and we must put a stop to it. Our elected officials need to come together and work with the community to prevent this hate crime in Astoria. I hope they catch the above suspect.


Such a sad incident. Makes me upset and angry. Someone making dumb comments is one thing…but when someone goes to the point of threatening to shoot and hits a woman (in her late 60’s with an umbrella) I can only conclude that they must be mentally ill and should be off the streets. I am surprised there is no surveillance video. If he is from the neighborhood someone will surly recognize him on video.

Old Astorian

What time of day did this happen? I will fuck up any bigot who thinks this is ok in my backyard.


If i ever see someone committing a hate crime in my neighborhood I will leave my footprint on their brain.

leave people alone. regardless of your political beliefs, people are people!

i will wreck the next person i see hitting an old woman with an umbrella, or anyone for that matter. we should all feel the same!
do not tolerate hate. if you sit idly by and watch you are culpable.


if it is true our neighbors stood around and watched a 69 year old woman be abused and assaulted then shame on you Astoria!
wtf is going on with our city and people of this nation?


Trump comes to my back yard which is THE multi-ethnic place on the planet. Greeks are everywhere in this section but there are more languages spoken in Astoria than at the U.N. Does this guy live here? He should know better.

Amateur Boxer

Welcome to Trump’s America….fair warning to any would-be racist harassers reading this, I see you saying/doing this shit to any minority, you’re getting a swift hook to the head.


disgraceful. Who do these people think they are walking around as if they have the big stick? Hope someone beats him to a pulp.

Astoria Lifer

This is sad to see in Our Neighborhood. Especially since Astoria is such a melting pot of different race, religions and creeds. I hope this guys is caught and prosecuted for what was sent. His hate has no place in our neighborhood.


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