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Large preschool operator, The Learning Experience, opening 31st Street location in Astoria

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July 28, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A large preschool center will be opening in Astoria on the ground floor of a new residential complex on 31st Street.

The Learning Experience, which has more than 200 centers in 19 states, is taking space in a building called “Astoria Central,” a seven-story 114-unit apartment complex located at 31-53 31st Street that opened earlier this year.

Nick Vanella, executive vice president of real estate at TLE, said that the pre-school is renting 11,333-square-feet. According to the Commercial observer, TLE signed a 15-year lease for the space, which includes a 1,320-square-foot outdoor playground.

Vanella said there is no set opening date, but the plan is for it to be ready by the beginning of 2018. According to Vanella, “the company chose the location in Astoria because of the demographics and its proximity to Broadway and the N and W subway.”

The center, which serves children ages six weeks to 5-years-old, focuses on reading, science, math, music and technology. The company also offers before and after-school programs and a summer camp.

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California bound

Day Care at 6 weeks ??? If you can pay that ridiculous rent AND DAY CARE….., mommy….you can afford to stay home for a few months at that tender age. Are you too professional to be at home that long ? Not all parents NEED to both work….they want $$$$ to…….. It’s too bad , not too many children have a natural home life anymore. Yes, there are different circumstances …some must…..others will be bringing their kids to daycare for years because they want to.


Very excited to have a daycare center near the Broadway stop in Astoria and look forward to more information about opening dates and registration!

Pay attention scottie

That’s good ,train watching , how about getting little scottie to pay attention.


A good teacher/parent can teach so many subjects (e.g., math, science, social studies, reading/writing) using themes that motivate young learners (e.g., taking from the surrounding environment and using what is familiar to expand their knowledge and skills in many academic areas).


How long after opening will they start complaining about the noise from the train, just like the public school along 31st street. Sound proofing can only do so much. That design view is unrealistic, where’s the elevated train tracks, are you magically going to make it disappear?


The adults and staff complain…children do not care..many actually like watching the train go by.


I am very excited about their before and after-school programs and summer camp. This will help a lot of people out in the neighborhood and beyond who seek additional childcare services. I only wish they had programs for older children and teens.

Get out of astoria

Wonderful? Why would I want to live in a building that has all those whiney 5yr old kids ? This is the worst idea ever. Got to a private building get lost


Many of the newer buildings have daycare centers. They are popping up everywhere in Astoria to accommodate families who can afford it or those that just park here on their way to work.


Most people renting for the rates these places are going for work during the day. This daycare center is during the day and will be located at ground level. I would be more concerned about bars and restaurants that are open real late than a daycare center operating during the day if noise complaints are your issue. Also, this is right next to train. Someone who can not tolerate noise will probably not live here.


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