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Large Chinese restaurant on 48th Street temporarily closed by Health Dept.

April 27, 2017 Staff Report

A large Chinese restaurant located on the border of Sunnyside and Long Island City has been temporarily shut down by the Health Department.

New Grand Buffet, a spacious sit-down Chinese restaurant located at 34-45 48th Street, was shut down on Monday for racking up 63 violation points during a standard health inspection. As of Thursday, the restaurant was still closed.

According to the Department of Health website, there were several critical and non-critical violations that led to the closure of the restaurant.

The critical violations included storing hot food below the required temperature and cold food above the required temperature, presence of live mice and flies in the facility, and preparing food in a contaminated area.

The Health Department gives out violation points based on the size and scale of each violation. Letter grades are then assigned to restaurants based on the points system. Any restaurant that receives between zero and 13 points receives an A grade, any receiving between 14 and 27 points gets a B grade, and any with 28 or more points gets a C grade.

If certain violations are considered especially problematic, the Health Department can shut down the restaurant. Once a restaurant is shut down by the Health Department, it will be re-inspected once per month until it scores below 28 points, or the Department will close it for serious and persistent violations.

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boy, I must have a strong stomach, because I have eaten there, & I thank God I never got sick, but it’s nice to know this information, I will not ever eat there again

Mona Callender

This Resturant has been shut down so many times in the past. I my self got food poisoning from there, that was about 10 years. I will never eat there again.

Can't believe it took so long

I’ve lived in Astoria my entire life. As a child, my mom used to take us shopping around that area and we would usually go here. Thank God I grew the hell up and stopped coming here.

1) The food is disgusting. It might look good but trust me, it’s not entirely out of the picture to throw half your plate away.
2) I once saw them drop a slice of pizza on the floor, pick it up, and put it right back into the tray. Why are they even serving pizza?
3) The floors are sticky as hell. I guess these guys haven’t heard of floor cleaners at all. Every step you take, you’re literally walking through glue.

I can name more but I see the Department of Health did it for me. It’s amazing how these owners were able to stay in business for this long. This is by far the worst buffet you can get. It’s cheap but at the expense of low quality, cheap ingredients, and a lack of maintenance.


I’ve eaten at third restaurant so many times, and every time I’ve eaten there I’ve always felt sick to my stomach. To clarify my illness, so everyone knows, I’ve never eaten a lot of food because I’m bout a big person. However, the reason I felt sick is because they weren’t in accordance with the food handling regulations. Although, the food looked delicious, and the price point weren’t outrageous, i hope that when and if they ever open up they’re watched very carefully. No wonder, I felt ill all of those times I’ve eaten at this below standard restaurant. Once they’re open – EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK OR expect to feel sick!


so…you feel sick every time you ate there but you ate there so many time? were you looking to get sick or you were just telling BS?


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