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Hotel going up at Western Beef location to be dual branded


Jan. 27, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

The site of the old Western Beef supermarket will be redeveloped into a dual-branded hotel, announced developer JMH Development.

Under an agreement between JMH and Hilton Hotels, part of the hotel will open under the upscale Homewood Suites brand, and the other part will open under the mid-priced Hampton Inn brand, both owned by Hilton.

The hotel, to be located at 36-20 Steinway, is expected to open in 2018.

The hotel will have a total of 289 rooms. Less than half, or 102 of the rooms, will be under the Homewood Suites umbrella, which offers rooms with attached living areas.

The other 187 rooms will be part of the Hampton Inn brand, which offers fairly standard hotel rooms.

The new hotel will also have a roof deck, a bar in the lobby, a fitness center and meeting rooms.

There will also be 18,000 square feet of retail space at the hotel, though the developer has not yet announced what will fill it.

The Western Beef closed last fall to make way for the hotel.

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All the idiots saying it will be a homeless shelter really know nothing about things like this. Many tourist stay in Astoria and LIC area because of the ease of access into the city. The 36st station is almost literally around the corner, the Steinway station is 3 blocks up. Many restaurants in the area as well as the Moving image museum. Hotels in the area are thriving unlike hotels further into Queens because of there lack of quick access into the city. And since when is the corner of Steinway and Northern a residential area?


@Tommy a Sorry, I wouldn’t want to take attention away from the Astoria Houses and Ravenswood. Oh, and don’t forget the hookers.

Tommy a

Mac stay in the sunnyside post, we dont want your dumb comments in astoria. We are better ,too upper crust for the likes of you.

Another Southie

The Paper Factory Hotel nearby there seems to be doing quite well. Hopefully this will too.

silent majority

The Paper Factory hotel is a boutique hotel with a great restaurant inside. This is not the same. I heard that the city is paying all those hooker motels on queens blvd about 10k a month per family to house them. That’s a sweet deal.

BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!



-BTW. You sound like a gullible uniformed blowhard stupid enough to put an anti labor Right To work for less and over time blocking corporate shill in direct line to the presidency. FBI statistics show Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and South Carolina as the states with highest violent crime rates in US. US census data reveals the 10 poorest states : Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Montana, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina and Louisiana. List of states most dependent on Federal aid provided by tax foundation New Mexico, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Montana, West Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana,South Dakota, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. List of most unhealthy and least health care coverage wall street 24/7 Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana. These low performing Republican states dominate all surveys and studies with worst statistics and as poorest performers all have common denominator of being “Red States” Republican strong holds for very long time. If you want to be poor vote Republican. Facts are facts you’re a naive sucker.


Just what we need! A massive hotel in a residential are. Yes, urban planning at its best. Thank Jimmy, Seb Mike, Costas and Mayor Bill. Stand up Astoria!


I wouldn’t really call either Steinway St or Northern Blvd a residential area. That corner and the most of the adjacent properties have been commercial pretty much forever.

I wish them success, hopefully the property won’t become a homeless shelter.


Not going to work. You would be hard-pressed to find 280 families or individuals coming to Astoria for vacation.

1) Astoria is family-oriented. Most people visiting here are staying with relatives.
2) I love Astoria but hotels in this location is not attractive.
3) This will be a homeless shelter or auctioned off and turned into luxury apartments. There is no way a hotel can survive in Astoria — it doesn’t make any financial sense.

if a homeless shelter is opted, prepared for decreasing home prices and more tax funds going to the shelter.. what a joke..


Considering the prices of hotels in Manhattan, more and more visitors are venturing into Long Island City and Astoria for hotel accommodations. I think you are underestimating the need for hotels that are just close enough to Manhattan without being Manhattan. It has nothing to do with “vacationing in Astoria” as you put it. However, that could be a natural bi-product, as whether it’s liked or not Astoria is one of the best neighborhoods for visitors to see in Queens.

I am speaking as a lifelong Queens resident.


For the first year, it might run as a hotel. Then, after a year of less than stellar revenue, they’ll put in an application for homeless. There were lots of these places in Manhattan under Koch, then the city got out of the business because it was such a scandal — $500 a day to house people. Of course, who’s to blame? We are. Rather than ranting on this site, we should organize and call the city to prevent it.


I also say homeless shelter. How many hotels does Astoria need. Hey Diblasio……why don’t you build them by your house in brooklyn


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