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Hawaiian Bar/Restaurant To Open On Astoria Boulevard


Jan. 4, 2016 By Jackie Strawbridge

A new bar/restaurant called Aloha NYC hopes to bring Hawaiian flavors to Astoria in an upscale setting.

Aloha NYC is planned for 37-02 Astoria Blvd. The menu will predominantly feature seafood, according to owner Mitchell Bosch, such as crab rolls, lobster rolls, oysters, surf and turf and lobster bisque.

The bar will serve Hawaiian-inspired drinks, including a cocktail based on a Mai Tai that comes in a fishbowl decorated with dry ice.

The hours will be roughly noon to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and to 4 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Bosch said.

“In the daytime it’s going to be a restaurant, but when it turns after 9 p.m. [or] 10 p.m., we are going to close the kitchen and it’s going to be more of a bar,” Bosch said. “We’re trying to go with a demographic of late 20s to people into their 40s.”

He added that design elements will likely include a surf board hanging from the ceiling, LED lights and several TVs, and tiki lamps.

Hawaiialoha“We’re really going to make it an upscale, tropical-looking theme,” Bosch said. He added, “we don’t want any real rowdy type of bar, we want people to come in, relax.”

While Bosch initially aims for Aloha NYC to seat about 40 people, he said he will ultimately seek city approval for an expanded space with a capacity close to 200. He said he hopes to open on Valentine’s Day, or April at the latest.

According to Bosch, he spent several years in Hawaii when he was in the army and as a student. He plans to hold “Military Mondays” for Aloha NYC specials and giveaways, to service members as well as police officers and firefighters in the area.

“Once I found this place at 37-02, I fell in love with it, and I had a vision of putting a restaurant/lounge in this location,” he said. “More than anything I want to be welcomed into the community; I will set forth to be an asset to Astoria, to Queens.”

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I am looking forward to trying this place out and hopeful for its success. You all should keep your negativity to yourself and just wish this new place well. How can you even have an opinion on a place that hasn’t even opened yet? This guy has a vision for bringing something new and different to the neighborhood. Thank goodness. I can’t even take the sight of yet another Greek cafe or hookah lounge. Good luck to you Aloha NYC. I can’t wait until you open and I hope you put all these naysayers in their place.


20 to 40 year olds? How about hip 65 year olds with plenty of money to spend?places should be welcoming to everyone, and not just a “Demographic”


I definitely welcome you, and i appreciate your positive spirit.

However, this landscape of Astoria is rapidly evolving, and this retail space has been vacant for nearly a year.

The owner showed it to me. Needs a lot of work. Is a very odd layout, and very close to an extremely busy road.

Be careful.


Good luck Bosch, but I don’t think the mercurial hipster douchebags that have invaded the are will be a steady crowd

Astoria man

This place will last 3 months… That building is the complete opposite of Hawaiian themed.. It’s just another I’ll attempt to attract the younger crowd without even researching what the younger crowd wants… Mr Bosch- do you think a younger crowd wants to go to an ugly building on Astoria Blvd for Hawaiian inspired drinks with cheap “upscale” tiki lamps and LED lights??!!


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