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Gianaris Calls for Rent Suspension for Small Businesses and Residents Amid Crisis

Twitter: Senator Gianaris

March 20, 2020 By Christian Murray

State Sen. Mike Gianaris is calling for a 90-day suspension of residential and commercial rent for tenants and small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Under Gianaris’ proposal, residential and commercial tenants would have 90 days of rent forgiven if they lost their work or closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Evictions in the state have been frozen by a moratorium issued by the Unified Court System and Governor Andrew Cuomo has already ordered a 90-day mortgage moratorium.

Gianaris is in the process of drafting the legislation but is calling for its implementation as soon as possible, including by executive order if necessary.

“Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, New York is doing an excellent job managing this crisis, but the devastation caused by coronavirus will be far reaching and long lasting,” Gianaris said.

“We must stay on top of the fast-changing consequences of our efforts to contain the virus, and the millions of tenants in our state cannot be left behind. Suspending rents is a critically important step to help New Yorkers survive this unprecedentedly difficult time.”

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He has some nerve to tell people to stop paying rent for 90 days. What about all of the bills that come along with sharing the home that was purchased at a stupid inflated price? Mortgage, real estate tax, water and sewer, con ed, supplies and maintenance? I think landlords can work with their tenants but should not get nothing at all. What about when landlords don’t get paid for 90 days and then have to start eviction and lose another 6 months on top to get someone out? I would like to know if landlords are going to get some sort of bailout as well? The banks are all getting bailouts. Maybe they should not collect the mortgage for 90 days. Maybe the city should not collect $10K in real estate tax this year? #lifelongastorian

Jose Parrido

Hey mike will u suspend rent collection on your property interests as well as mom, and dads property?


Typical pandering BS from this guy. So then are landlords off the hook for all property maintenance costs. Electricity for hallways, water for apts, salaries for handyman and garbage collection?!?

Who’s going to be the adult and pay for things??

Maybe government should do rental reimbursements coordinated by the senator for persons financially affected by the virus. Show proof of business closure or hospital stay etc. That would make sense, but of course that’s not what Gian-idiot proposes.

As for the local economy being so hard hit, and relying on delivery services, hmmm maybe that Amazon campus and 25k Queens jobs would’ve been useful, ya think!!!


Yet another great idea from the “genius” that caused Amazon to run away. How much longer do we have to put up with this guy?


Hey Gianaris, Instead of taking hard earned money from some small time homeowners, why don’t you offer up your substantial paycheck.


Seems like Gianaris has forgotten who his constituents are and where he comes from. Many of the rentals in Astoria are two or three family homes, and are owner occupied. The rents help defray the costs associated with rentals, including repairs, heat and hot water, state and city taxes, etc., Rents also provide income for many older homeowners who are not “millionaires”. Making a blanket statement that people can just stop paying rent for 90 days puts these people in jeopardy. But apparently it’s not in vogue to advocate for hardworking middle class Americans anymore.

Never Left Astoria

Wait – don’t you rent Senator? Once again you are self serving. What about landlords that have a mortgage to pay? Will there be a proposal for mortgage payments being “forgiven”? What about the older landlords who don’t have a mortgage – why should they be penalized for this horrible virus? I guess you believe “that saving for a rainy day” had no meaning.


Absolutely! Small businesses definitely need the help. They were already struggling and are drowning now. They’re the life blood of Astoria and need residents and elected officials to have their backs!


I am small business owners. Our busses closed since last week we don’t know until when. So this idea may survive my business so please help us to happening this idea..


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