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Four story building to go up on Steinway, to replace 2-family house

Jan. 17, 2017 Staff Report

A new four story residential building will be going up on Steinway Street.

The new development, which will consist of 13 residential units, will go up at 22-22 Steinway Street on a site that is currently occupied by a small two story, two family building.

The first floor of the new development will have a lobby and one unit, and the second through fourth floor will each have four units, according to plans filed with the Department of Buildings.

The cellar will have a laundry room and storage, and the plans also include nine off-street parking spaces.

The plans show that there will be 9,621 square feet of residential space, making each unit about 740 square feet on average.

The new building will be right around the corner from Ditmars Boulevard, and about six blocks from the Astoria-Ditmars N and W subway station.

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So much money for pathetic teeny holes posing as apartments. I can not understand why folks just don’t move out of the city! It’s not worth it. We live very comfortably in a 3,200sqft house with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths on 2 acres of land not more than 1.5 hours away from midtown Manhattan. We enjoy all the amenities of the city, outside of having to drive 5 minutes to the store to get groceries. We can leave our doors unlocked. We don’t have smelly vagrants. We can take a walk in the middle of the night without looking over our shoulders, and instead of smelling garbage, we smell the forest. What do we pay? We took out a 15 year mortgage and we pay $1,700 a month. Just a few more years and we’re done paying the bank.

So we have to take the bus into the city every day. Big even deal! It’s not crowded, there are no people bothering you for money, it’s quiet so folks can sleep in the morning, and the seats are comfy compared to they city buses and subways.

After living most of my life’s in Astoria, and living up here for the last few years, I can honestly say the transition was worth it.


Saw this happen over the years to Flushing. Grass and brick turned into Steel and concrete. Vertical living and ugly high rise buildings replaced beautiful bedroom communities. Now to see my beautiful Astoria ravaged in the same way sickens me. But as always $$$$$ rule the day. Once retirement became viable we sold our home in Whitestone an area zoned for one-two family homes and moved south. Miss New York, but realize the New York I miss is barely there anymore. “They tore down Paradise and put up a Parking Lot”


We are lucky developers are interested in that area. Would you rather have the people and business’ at Astoria Blvd and Steinway take over Steinway and ditmars? Would you prefer they built a school in this area? Stop whining folks. I say keep new apts at market value or above.


Not again the Astoria I grew up to is becoming a new Manhattan. The more the build the more expensive it gets the more us originals will be forced to move out and this neighborhood will be infested like Williamsburg Brooklyn with hardcore hipsters. No this has got to end


Hopefully the other buildings in this area will follow (sold to people who can maintain and update properties). Then, perhaps the councilman will be spend some money and repair that old park across the street for the new renters to enjoy.


Do any of you people complaining about apartment have jobs in Manhattan?
It’s like you’re living in some fantasy world.


We’re lucky to be in a neighborhood where developers are willing to spend the money to build much need housing. Hopefully the building will have some architectural style to replace the current no-style building.

Super smart to add the parking.

People for trump

It sounds really good, where do i get info on an apartment? We need more buildings like this. Parking. Beautiful for the next 20yrs


Greedy developers, destroying the fabric of residential neighborhoods, block by block.

This outsized building is going to look terrible squeezed between those smaller buildings.


I am sure whoever used to own this old home is pretty happy with what he/she got after they sold it. And it is much better to see a “residential” high rise going up then a “business” high rise. Look at that new medical building by 23 ave/31 street, it is atrocious and I haven’t seen any doctors rent space..its been like that for two years now.


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