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Final Dog Run Design Released, to open Summer 2018

TRIBOROUGH C dog run plan

Aug. 5, 2016 By Michael Florio

The Parks Dept has completed the design of a new dog run that will opening in Astoria.

The dog run will be installed at Triborough Playground C, located on Hoyt Avenue South (between 23rd and 24th Streets), and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018. The playground’s basketball courts will also be revamped.

The dog run will feature a play area for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. Each play area will have a spray fire hydrant, and a variety of rocky mounds, according to Councilman Costa Constantinides (see diagram).

The design includes a new bright color scheme with a focal point in the shape of a dog bone. There will also be benches installed, as well as a hose hook-up to help maintain cleanliness.

This is the first planned dog run in Astoria, according to Constantinides. The project will go out for bid in January 2017. The one-year construction process is tentatively scheduled to begin next summer.

The dog run was one of the winning projects in the 2015 participatory budget process, which allowed constituents to vote on how $1 million in capital funds should be spent. The project received the second most votes, out of the 18 projects that were on the ballot that year.

Originally, $500,000 was set aside for the project, but that number was doubled in July 2016 to $1 million.

The upgrades to the basketball area will feature new hoops and rims, improved court paint markings, and new seating.  The dog run area will be separated from the basketball court area by a tall fence.

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Totally agree LMG so many incorrect statements. I find it amazing how little people who have the objections know about what is going on in the neighborhood. This only means they are not involved or helping in any way with the neighborhood and the elected officials. Addressing some of these uninformed comments. First the dog run was one of 5 that won the voting process out of 13 to choice from. The other 4 were for schools and parks. So there were schools and children that also received funding. Any improvements to a school are done by the SCA when needed not thru these funds. And since Jen L does not seam to be involved in the neighborhood enough to know things until as she said was too late I will let her know this is done yearly. The new participation for the upcoming budget and the process to bring ideas to Costa is coming up in September. I do not have the paper in front of me to give you the dates but if you really want to do things like you say you do you can find this in ALL the free papers in Astoria and also on his website. Since you are not a dog owner you would make an uneducated remake that the design would be lost on a dog. The design will not because it is designed to have separt areas based on the size of the dog and hills for them to climb for exercise. I do not understand section 8 in Astoria park since this is not a housing development. And yes LMG is correct they just redid 47 st park as well as new tennis courts at Astoria park, bike lanes along shore parkway making it one way, skateboard ramps in the park, show movies there, and many other things in other areas of Astoria. There have been many things done and many in the works. Unless you are like the rest of us who are actively helping improve the neighborhood by being involved you have no right to complain. I like to see if Jen is going to put her words into action and attend these years many meetings. I know I will be there and many of the dog park supporters.


All need to shut up about being selfish, you want schools to be upgrade your being selfish bc every day things are changing for schools n no one say anything about it.. Animals are people also so they need a place to enjoy time just like how kids have a playground… I would love to meet all the haters about a dog run, get ride of bike lanes that will save moeny for schools. N u sec 8 n poor ppl want free sht get a real job pay taxes n then speak up


A Realtor told me that many people looking for an apt. in Astoria nowadays are pet owners. I am sure many potential residents see this dog run as a plus. I just want the dog owners to be courteous of people when walking their dog on the sidewalk and to clean up after their dogs.

Curtis West

Needs is for more section 8 in astoria park hold not for dogs and the park is so stupid.

Jen L

I would rather have seen an improvement to all of the basketball courts and handball courts for the neighborhood kids (and active adults) in the neighborhood. I expect that the design features of the dog park will be lost on the dogs who use it, but unfortunately, it will probably benefit very, very few. I for one was unaware of this process until it was over. The council member should look into better ways to publicize this process — the vast majority of Astorians are being left out. Here, a few dog owners will benefit, but not much for the kids — pretty sad.


Again, another incorrect statement I’ve read. Example – I live on Upper Ditmars. They just spent a year revamping a huge playground by me on 21st Ave for kids. There are other improvements being made in Astoria. I get emails and newsletter all of the time about it.

If I had to complain about anything in Astoria that this councilman has repeatedly ignored, it would be the fact that Ditmars Blvd, by the 31st street train station, has turned into a garbage dump.

But what does has to do with a dog run built? Not much. If you want a diverse community, you have to address diverse needs. And they often take time.


The process has been publicized in newspapers, on Facebook, in e-mails from the council member and on flyers mailed to residents. He was actually standing at the 30th Ave subway station with ballots for people to vote on the proposals one night. He seems to be doing a lot to get the word out. In fact, I just got an e-mail about the next one which starts Sept. 7.


So we’ll pretty much never see this completed. They just finished the design?

Still amazed how so many residents had preference to a dog run over better schools and improvements for the children. Selfis people


Well this is just a result of people with dogs voicing their opinions/wants and working with elected officials by attending meetings and getting their paperwork in order more than parents and grandparents do nowadays.


So people who want improvement for their dogs is selfish but people who want improvements for their kids is Not Selfish?? It’s called Welcome to the American system of voting. You lost – stop crying.


This is just a horse crap, negative response.

Residents such as myself were given what essentially were ballots to check off what projects they wanted to see completed in the community. If I remember correctly, you could pick up to five. So I think it is safe to say that many people such as myself chose to help both schools and have a dog run.

To just act like you’re some expert who can make a blanket statement on how many residents prefer a dog run over schools is ignorant.

Why assume that we’ll never see this completed? Why not be happy that it is progressing? I hate to judge you based on one post, but it’s just a great example of people who, when something positive happens, they find or creative a negative for no reason. Lighten up.

And it’s s-e-l-f-i-s-h.

And you’re welcome.


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