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Dollar Slice Pizzeria Opens On 30th Ave


March 29, 2016 By Michael Florio

A new pizzeria offering $1 slices opened its doors on Friday.

3 Bros 99 Cent Pizza, located at 25-03 30th Ave., plans to stand out by offering quality pizza at a cheaper price, co-owner Abdul Wahab said.

“There are a lot of pizza shops in Astoria, but they are expensive,” Wahab said. “We want to offer a cheaper option.”

While the pizzeria will offer regular cheese slices starting at $1, it will also have a wide variety of menu items. Additional pizza toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, pineapple and turkey bacon can be added starting at 50 cents. Their special pizzas include meat lover’s, vegetable, barbeque chicken and buffalo chicken.

3 Bros will also serve chicken nuggets, burgers, fried chicken, hot wings, sandwiches, jumbo shrimp, fish sandwiches, wraps and breakfast items such as French toast, pancakes, bagels and omelets. It will also have a salad bar.

“Our menu will help us stand out from other pizza shops,” Wahab said. “People will come for the $1 pizza and then try the other items and keep coming back.”

The eatery is open from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week. It currently does not offer any seating, but may set up a table with three chairs if customers request seats.

This is the second shop Wahab and his two brothers have opened. They run one in Manhattan as well.

Wahab is familiar with the neighborhood as he opened Green Apple Delight, a frozen yogurt shop, just around the corner on Crescent Street in 2014.

He decided to open a second pizza shop after learning that Mount Sinai Queens (across the street at 25-10 30th Ave.) would be expanding.

“There is already a lot of foot traffic, but that will only add to it,” he said. “Plus, there will be a lot of people needing to buy breakfast or lunch.”

The three brothers are interested in opening a second eatery in Astoria, if this location is successful.

“We would like to open one on Broadway,” he said. “We see a similar need there like we did on 30th Ave.”


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This place would do even better if it was closer to the homeless shelter on Ditmars. I think they would make a great profit.


Ugh! This is like those terrible pizza spots tourist like on time square. We need more good Pizza like I had as a kid growing up. It’s impossible to have good cheese and sause for a dollar but I’m sure people starving at the hospital will jump o n it. This is not real Italian Pizza.

Crescent St. Crank

Please open one up near Ditmars & 31st! Somewhere near the train entrance would be perfect. Artichoke and Pizza Palace are just way too expensive. There’s probably still an oven they can use at the old Razzie’s location even…that place didn’t even last for nine months…too damn expensive. We need $1 pizza here!


I agree between the homeless shelter and the nearby school that congregate in that area daily..It is not only much needed but also would a financial success.


you are probably from the mid-west aka. Anywhere, U.S.A. and have no idea what pizza is and your idea of good pizza is Pizza Hut. There are about 5 choices for Pizza in the location you mentioned. There is Pizza Palace, Joe and Roses Bakery and Rosario’s and all are different and great in their own way. There is also Artichoke Pizza which is over priced and tastes like cardboard. The last thing we need is a $1 pizza shop in that area. If you can’t afford 2 dollars for a slice of pizza you’re in the wrong city.


Another crappy establishment trying to sell bs pizza, burgers and nuggets. Please do us a favor and open your stores somewhere else other than Astoria. Let Astoria prosper….PLEASE!!!


For the person who wrote ” let Astoria prosper”….Astoria has prospered enough with high rents, new not affordable buildings so a pizza place that actually makes good pizza for a buck is a good thing for the neighborhood. Thumbs up to the new Pizzeria


my son will give me an educated opinion since he lives next door and he’s had every peezapizza you can have in good ole astoria being that he was raised on 30th Ave.


How good will.the quality for a dollar a slice be? Regular slices at 2.50 and sometimes 3 is not breaking the bank.


Well it is much cheaper than that heart attack on a stick greeks chow down all day in Astoria.


This 99 cent pizza tastes so much better than RIP OFF Artichoke Pizza on 31 street.


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