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Developer files plans for a 7-story building on 31st Street

April 20, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A development firm filed plans with the City yesterday to build a 7 story mixed-use building.

According to the plans, developer Rockfarmer Properties is looking to construct a new building at 25-79 31st Street with 22 residential units and commercial space on the first floor.

The proposed building would stand 75 feet tall and would have 16,972 square feet of residential space on the upper six floors, averaging about 770 square feet per apartment. It would also have 4,658 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, and 12 parking spaces in an underground garage.

The new building would take the place of two already-demolished two-family homes that Rockfarmer purchased for a total of $3.9 million last year.

Rockfarmer Properties has several other projects in the neighborhood, including a planned development at the site of the old ABC Superstores strip mall.

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There’s been a rendering on the building for over 12 months now, and scaffolding has been up for ages. I saw someone in there the other day working to assemble rebar for the pouring of a foundation.


Many of you comment like Astoria is unrecognizable. I moved here 20 years ago and overall it looks the same to me. There are still smaller 2-4 family homes all over Astoria. Some have been updated and many have been not. The developers are causing the increase in sales and property values. Even the smaller homes that have been purchased are mostly from people renting them out and looking to make a profit (not actually living here). Astoria will continue to grow as a place for homeowners who never sold and live here, young adults looking to rent, those with NYC rental subsidies and home to the large and expanding Muslim community who actually are raising families here, building schools and mosques and educating their youth in Astoria.

Michael Alvarez-Pagano

I grew up here 48 years and astoria is not the same. Its becoming Manhattan. I it’s appalling that astoria has gone to hell now. Look back past your 20 years and learn something. Astoria was all about family’s, now it’s all about making politicians pockets fay with blatant disregard for people who been here raising a family. Not it’s all about moronic millenials and snowflakes. Screw that. More overcrowding. And no schools, mosques have been built in here for years. So your info is an epic fail.


Amazing, taking what made Astoria SPECIAL, the feeling of living in the suburbs, the neighborhood, the 2 family homes, while only a hop and a skip away from the city. and trying to create another Manhattan. The very thing that attracted people is being destroyed and by who?, the people that we elect to look out for our interests but it seems they look out for there own interests.


I think it’s great. It’s either coffee, restaurant, bar or apartments. Everything else is done online.

There aren’t enough places to rent already. I think it should be twice as tall.


Just great, where are all those people going to park? Why not add a garage to the building instead of a commercial space.

Pauline Christakos

12 parking spaces for 22 apts. that’s the problem with these buildings going up. Astoria is already overcrowded with people and not enough parking spots!


What’s 12 spots going to do with 22 units??? 22 apartments should equal at least 22 parking spots. Yes I know… not everyone who rents has a car but lot of other folks who live in the neighborhood could benefit from having another source of parking.


I hate this. Unless they’re bringing a Trader Joe’s into the neighborhood you can forget about my support. The neighborhood is crowded enough!


You do realize a Trader Joe’s would facilitate the closing of a bunch of “mom & pop” businesses everybody gives lip service to supporting. It’s a huge corporate entity that would take business away from local venders that already sell the same products. Hell! Let’s get a Whole Foods as well! Boring.

Johnny Special

The day of mom and pop businesses is over.
The remaining ones will be gone in the next 10 years.

The internet did that. I can get same day delivery with Amazon at a better price.


That’s not at all true. It will be a Food Emporium, managed by the same folks that managed the C-Town that was there before.


No way keep traders joe our
Whole foods out
We need Astoria to remain Astoria
We do not need NYC in Astoria


What does that even mean? Do you also want internet taken away from Astoria ? Should we roll everything back to 1980?


Too late Astoria is being demolished building by building with no regard for the way this building boom is harming the quality of life that used to be Astoria. One and two family home are now squeezed between 6 & 7 story buildings, blocking sunlight and any sense of privacy or community. No more parking spaces to be had. Everything has skyrocketed in price only a few of the old shops are left and they will be gone soon, due to ever rising rents. All that will be left are restaurants that open and close within a year or two. Crime has gone way up, Astoria was once a very safe place to live- no more- this is a terrible thing Astoria has been swallowed up by the greedy.




I think that 28th Ave is not a bad place to live on. You are close to everything but you do not have the large crowds that gather on the other Avenues. Its a lot quieter than being on Broadway, 30th Ave and Ditmars.


First, it’s “councilman” second, literally what so u mean? What does the councilman have anything to do with a private developers as of right development project!!?


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