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Crowley Raises $500,000 in Run for State Senate, Brings in More Than Her Four Rivals Combined

Elizabeth Crowley, pictured, raised more than $500,000 as part of her quest to win the District 59 state senate seat (Photo courtesy of Crowley for State Senate)

July 18, 2022 By Christian Murray

Elizabeth Crowley has raised more than $500,000 in her bid for the District 59 State Senate seat, with more than $168,000 coming from labor unions, according to her July 15 campaign filings.

She has raised more money than her four competitors combined. Kristen Gonzalez, who is backed by the Democratic Socialists of America and Working Families Party, has brought in the next largest haul with $152,000, filings show.

Crowley and Gonzalez, who have both been raising money since the beginning of the year, are well ahead of Nomiki Konst, who has brought in $50,135, and Mike Corbett, with $40,707. Both Konst and Corbett launched their respective campaigns less than two months ago and have had less time to raise money.

Meanwhile, Francoise Olivas has raised $29,000 since February.

The five candidates are vying for an open seat in a new district that covers Astoria and Long Island City in Queens, Greenpoint and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and Stuytown and Murray Hill in Manhattan. They are all running in the Democratic primary scheduled for Aug. 23.

Crowley has been endorsed by several large unions, including the United Federation of Teachers, New York state AFL-CIO, District Council 37 and Communications Workers of America. She said that she has refused funds from large developers.

“I am gratified by the widespread support for my campaign,” Crowley said in a statement, while noting that she is the only candidate in the race who has held elected office before—having served nine years in the New York City Council.

Crowley said that she would advocate for working families and would “fight to protect and expand affordable housing and childcare.”

Senate District 59 includes Astoria, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Williamsburg and parts of Manhattan (redistrictingandyou)

Gonzalez was also pleased with her fundraising, noting that she had received a lot of grass roots support.

“We don’t need a half a million dollars to win this race. We’re proud to have surpassed our goal with over $150,000 raised in small dollars, zero corporate money, and an average donation size of around $45,” she said.

“Nearly 2,000 people were inspired to pitch in because they’re ready to take part in a larger fight against an establishment that tells us this is just the way things are — rising rents, a worsening climate crisis, and our rights under attack — and that working people don’t have the power to change it. “

Gonzalez has been endorsed by a long list of progressives, including Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nydia Velázquez; State Senators Michael Gianaris and Julia Salazar, Assemblymembers Emily Gallagher and Zohran Mamdani; and Councilmembers Lincoln Restler and Tiffany Cabán.

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Jefferson's Ghost

Why are infantile Leftists so disturbed with the abortion ruling? The ruling did not outlaw the practice. It simply returned governance on the issue to individual states where it always should have been. Abortion is not a Constitutional right and should not be governed at the federal level.

Not so liberal observer

And, exactly what successes did Crowley have while sitting in the City Council?
Name eight accomplishments for eight years!


Exactly. The DSA believes the only reason we have police is to protect “white supremacy” and that all criminals should be freed. They state their goal is not only success in the NY area and the US, but the whole world. I’m no Trump fan or some parts of the right, but in many ways, this leftist nonsense is even worse. They are more like a hateful cult and need to be exposed since no one in their right mind would support their ideas. Hateful, racist and misandric, they have almost completely destroyed the democratic party. If you want to know why abortion is now up to the states and likely to be completely illegal in the future, it is because of the ideas of leftists like the DSA, which drove many whites and hispanics towards the sociopathic Trump, who deftly created this Supreme court. Instead of focusing on what connects us, they divide and have slogans like I’m with her or the future is female or awful ideas like intersectionality based on falsehoods instead of keeping gender and race out of it and focus on ideas and achievement and help for all, not for a relatively small percentage of the population or based on genitals. These people are dishonest and toxic. I’m not sure if the damage they have done to the democratic party can be overcome – probably not. But at least we can recognize it and call it out.

Jefferson's Ghost

The Left has completely taken over the Democrat Party both locally and nationally. Not only would JFK not recognize today’s Democrat Party – he wouldn’t be allowed in it. Millions of common-sense Democrats better find a new Party quick. Otherwise they will continue to aid and abet the Leftist Democrat Party’s ultimate goal of the complete destruction of freedom.


It was nice to see Elizabeth Crowley visit Athens Square Park to speak at Greek Music Night on July 19. She received strong support from the MC as the only candidate in that race with previous experience as an elected official.


Vote for Crowley, the progressive movement and DSA elected officials lead us to economic stagnation. Salazar is literally a walking slogan with zero substance. Gianaris killed Amazon. The progressives want criminals let out of jail. It’s amazing they get into office.


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