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Councilman Proposes Slow Zone For North Of Astoria Park, With Plans To Extend To Hoyt Ave

State of District SLOW ZONE

Jan. 28, 2016 By Michael Florio

On the heels of a Department of Transportation proposal to redesign several major roads around Astoria Park, Council Member Costa Constantinides has proposed a slow zone in roughly the same area.

Under the Councilman’s proposal, all the streets bounded by Shore Boulevard, Ditmars Boulevard, 31st Street and 20th Avenue would be considered a slow zone, which would drop the speed limit to 20 mph.

The slow zone would affect only the streets within this area, not the boundary streets.

Constantinides said he sees a need for a slow zone due to the number of traffic injuries here. Based on Vision Zero data, he said there have been 72 traffic injuries and one death in the area north of Hoyt Avenue in the last year.

“When pedestrians are hit by cars traveling at 20 miles per hour, they have a 95 percent survival rate – and that is ultimately why I am so serious about this initiative,” he said.

The Councilman considers this slow zone proposal Phase 1 of a larger traffic safety initiative. If it is implemented, he would like to then see the slow zone extend past Ditmars Boulevard to Hoyt Avenue, “encompassing the entire northwestern portion of the district.”

In order to realize this new slow zone, Constantinides will have to file an application with the DOT when its slow zone application process opens. That will occur later this year, he said.

After that he would have to present his proposal to both Community Board 1 and the DOT, which would have to approve it.

“We want this to occur sooner rather than later,” he said.

Improving traffic safety conditions around Astoria Park is a heavy focus of Constantinides’.

As part of this focus, he supports the DOT’s proposal addressing streets around Astoria Park, including 20th Avenue.

The DOT’s proposal involves adding a protected bike path to this road and making each driving lane one foot narrower.

“This significantly shrinks what is now a very large street, to just 11 feet on each side for traffic,” he added. “I think that will help calm traffic and those speeding issues.”

“People have complained for years about the speeding and drag races on this street,” he added.

The Councilman also approves of the DOT’s plan for Shore Boulevard, which would become a one-way street and separate existing bike lanes out from Astoria Park.

CB 1’s Transportation Committee unanimously approved turning Shore Boulevard into a one-way street and the installation of bike lanes along 20th Avenue last week.

Those proposals are expected to go up for a vote from the full board.

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Astoria Resident

Changing a sign will not stop people who speed from speeding. If it’s such a problem, assign a traffic cop to the area and start a big ‘revenue enhancing’ ticket blitz.


Why doesn’t this councilman focus on the rest of the shit in Astoria which is everything else. The amount of crap I see on 31st Street and between is ridiculous…The park is the only decent thing that doesn’t need CHANGE

Park Rez

The Park does need change. But thats besides the point. If you go and listen to (or read the transcript of) his speech addressing the neighborhood, you will see he is actually focusing on a lot of things, including additional street cleaners and trashcans.

Reading random headlines is not a great way to see what is being done.

But anyone who actually follows Councilman Costa’s record and activity can attest that he has out achieved any Vallone that ever held the seat.


Thank you Council Member Costa Constantinides! You’re on the right track with this proposal just get off the Astoria Park track.


I think the better idea is making the shore blvd and 19th street one-way which was proposed a couple weeks ago. This prevents drivers from coming in both directions and less chance of speeders.


Drivers tend to be more cautious around residential areas with less foot traffic and businesses. On the major avenues they zoom by, constantly honk and could care less about the young and the elderly.


Lately, I have seen an increase of school crossing guards in the area. However, a lot of them just stand at the corner, talk on the phone and stare at the sky.


I can’t stand speed bumps. They make so much noise from drivers who pass them over the suggested speed limit. I left my old block because of that. i just couldn’t sleep.


You might as well make all of Astoria a slow zone. The Ditmars area has so many restaurants, schools and places of worship, we also have to deal with speeding cars from LaGuardia Airport, the LIE/BQE and Triborough. More speed cameras and traffic police is needed.


Something certainly needs to be done about the streets bordering Astoria Park. However, without enforcement it doesn’t mean much. Please do something about the drag-racing & muffler-less motorcycle gangs that circle the park on weekends particularly. A few weeks ago I saw one driving ON the SIDEWALK adjacent to the playground on 21st street – he was going around the cars backed up at the light & on the wrong side of the road at that.

Joyce W.

Between this and the soccer field, I’ll be sure to vote for whoever this guy is running against whenever he’s up for re-election. And I will look into when that will be.

Pete J.

Wait. . .so, you have a problem with slow zones around the park? That just doesn’t make any sense. People are constantly speeding along Shore Blvd and 19th St (which is exceptionally narrow for a 2-way.) I can’t see how anyone would object to this.


I don’t live near the park but if you are planning on this slow zone and other nearby areas you might as well expand it from LaGuardia Airport (with all those speeding taxi cabs and drivers getting off the LIE/BQE) all the way down to the park. And please add more speed cameras and traffic police those actually work with drivers that do not obey traffic laws.

Andrea Mardach

Hi! Ditmars Blvd. from 19 Street to Shore Blvd. (where the young girl was killed by the car this June) already is a 20mph zone. It is just not enforced. In addition to slow zones, maybe we can have more speed bumps and ticket cameras in this particular area. There is already a speed bump on Ditmars Blvd., btw 19 St. And Shore Blvd. but cars and motorcycles go right iver it as if it’s not even there. Just a thought. Thank you for all you do. Slow zones are a great idea!


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