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Constantinides urges DOT to install a traffic light at 21st Street/30th Road intersection

Costa Constantinides

Costa Constantinides

April 7, 2016 By Michael Florio

In the wake of a fatal hit-and-run at the intersection of 21st Street and 30th Road last night, Councilman Costa Constantinides is calling yet again for a traffic light to be installed where these two streets meet.

Constantinides said that he has been asking the Department of Transportation (DOT) to study the 21st Street and 30th Road intersection since 2014 and to install a traffic light.

Last night that piece of roadway was the scene of a fatal hit-and-run where a 45-year-old man was struck just before 11 pm by a dark colored sedan, according to police.

“I am saddened to learn of the fatal hit-and-run,” Constantindes said. “We urge anyone who has information about the perpetrator to contact the 114th Precinct immediately.”

However, Constantinides is urging the DOT to put in place a number of traffic safety measures.

“I call on the DOT to conduct a traffic study and install a traffic light at this corner to prevent further tragedies like this one,” he said.

“The lack of a traffic light here is exacerbated by the surroundings, including the Variety Boys & Girls Club where children attend programs and classes every day,” he added.

A DOT spokesperson said that the agency has studied the intersection in the past and that it did not meet the criteria for a traffic signal at the time. The spokesperson added: “We will be taking another look at the intersection for potential safety enhancements.”


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L Jenn

I agree with Constantinides. And a must say that as a cautious pedestrian its dangerous to cross the street in Astoria without Traffic Signals. Every street needs one.


The police just need to patrol the street and ticket people for speeding. If drivers are not penalized for going over the speed limit, like they do on this street, they will continue to break the law.


We should just close 21st street off to motorists. That will solve the problem. Then pedestrians need only fear bicyclists and mopeds but I’m sure crossing guard Constantinides will figure that one out soon enough.


We are dealing with a much larger problem. Motorists driving on 21st as if it was a highway. Pedestrians crossing streets, oftentimes in the middle of the road, disregarding oncoming vehicle. No one cares.

L Jenn

There needs to be more than one traffic signal installed on 21st Street. Driving on the section between the QBbridge and Astoria Blvd can be harrowing at times, and as a pedestrian, I completely avoid crossing it whenever possible. How many have been killed or injured on that street over the years?


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