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Condo complex with 89 units planned to go up near 37th Avenue

Feb. 7, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A new condo complex with two connected buildings will go up on a recently cleared lot in Dutch Kills.

According to plans filed with the city, Shangri-La Realty has plans to construct two seven-story connected buildings across 32nd Street and 33rd Street near 37th Avenue, with a raised outdoor space between them, with a total of 89 residential units.

Both towers, at 37-21 32nd Street, will have retail on the ground floor and will share a two-level underground parking garage with 78 parking spaces.

The new complex will provide 60,961 square feet of residential space and 15,887 square feet of retail space.

The complex will also offer amenities including a gym and the outdoor deck between the two buildings.

According to the developer’s website seeking investors, the developer hopes to finish gathering permits and financing for the project by August 2018, and complete construction by February 2020.

Shangri-La Realty bought the site for $8,125,000 in 2013 to build the development.

The site is a few blocks from the 36th Avenue and 39th Avenue N and W subway stations, and is also close to the 36th Street M and R station.


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Transit issues again. Will the developer contribute to augmentation of the affected trains? N W 7 etc.?

Never Left Astoria

What about the additional strain it puts on the old city systems (sewer, water, etc)


I wouldn’t worry too much about sewer,water,etc. This is an old industrial area and many of the old factories used a lot more water than the average apartment building.

I agree that it could cause some congestion at the 39 Ave N/W stop. Hopefully the MTA will be able to add the technology to start running all of their trains a bit closer together during peak times.


More people need to bike to work. That is what the new bike lanes and citibikes stations in Astoria are for. The proposed trolley and NYC Water Taxi Services at Astoria Park are bound to happen to help easy congestion. Changes are happening whether you like it or not. AirTrain LaGuardia Is also something in the works and I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to built it right through the ditmars area with this mayoral administration.


Yes because biking from Astoria’s Broadway to Manhattan’s midtown is so convenient. There are no showers at work and my gym is in astoria. I bike for pleasure not to stress myself out or put myself in danger. I would need to leave 7:30 to get to work at 9am. If I wanted to wake up at 5am I would prefer to live in Regó Park – have a “yuge” apartment and take the train and not be sweaty.

Southside Johnny

People need to learn that transit issues are NOT going to stop development, especially when there is a housing shortage (manufactured as it may be.) How many times will folks say the same thing every time a new housing project breaks ground? We can only hope that new construction forces the city to start a new transit project; that’s where you should focus your comments, not at developers.


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