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Chick-N-Soup Offering American-Style Comfort Food Opens on Astoria Blvd

Chick-N-Soup (Photo: QueensPost)

Nov. 15, By Tara Law

A new restaurant serving American-style comfort food opened on Astoria Boulevard Monday.

Chick-N-Soup, located at 30-12 Astoria Blvd, serves smoothies, burgers, chicken soup and much more.

The owner, Luis Trujillo, 45, previously ran the now-shuttered Lunchbox restaurant on 35th Avenue for 10 years. He opened Chick-N-Soup on Astoria Boulevard in order to get a bigger space and a more accessible location.

He said that he noticed that despite the influx of new, young arrivals, there were few restaurants on Astoria Boulevard. He sold Lunchbox and invested the funds in the new restaurant.

“Astoria Boulevard doesn’t have much,” Trujillo said. “There’s no place to grab a burger and a beer and watch the game.”

Trujillo has lived within a few blocks of the location for his entire life. He hopes Chick-N-Soup will become a place where everyone can gather whether they are new or old to the neighborhood.

Trujillo said that he was excited to see so many people from the community come out to welcome the restaurant Monday.

“We got jammed a couple of times,” said Trujillo. “People were so nice.”

Fortunately, Trujillo said, the eatery has more going for it than the community’s good will. He’s very proud of the menu, and highly recommends the chicken soup and the macaroni and cheese. The head chef worked at Knickerbocker Bar & Grill and the Ainsworth, both in Manhattan, prior to coming to Chick-N-Soup.

“Everything is made from scratch except the ketchup and the mustard,” Trujillo said. “I think it’s going to be a smash.”

The restaurant’s menu is packed with traditional American options, including chicken & waffles, wings, and chicken sandwiches. The restaurant caters to beef lovers as well, serving burgers, steak, and BBQ ribs.

For those seeking to avoid meat, the menu also offers what it calls “super foods,” including smoothies, açai bowls, salads and juice.

The restaurant seats 52 plus an additional 17 bar seats.

The restaurant has applied for a full liquor license, and Trujillo hopes to start serving alcohol before the new year.

Chick-N-Soup is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., but Trujillo plans to extend the hours after their liquor license is approved.

Luis Trujillo (Photo: QueensPost)

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Everyone should go back to Manhattan, or where ever they came from. They’re raising everyone’s rents and car insurance rates.

David Eberly

The food is okay and the staff is very nice but the prices are too high. This is Astoria, not Manhattan. I’ll occasionally go in there now for Chicken but it’s just too expensive to eat there on a regular basis – it’s a neighborhood place and the prices need to come down a bit.


Oh give the guy a break……he just opened up! If it turns out to be an overpriced Mellenial hangout,there are tons of places to eat that does not attract them. They don’t eat real food……just overpriced Mac&cheese,$18 build a burgers, $$$ for a dish of unidentifiable potatoes .
After buying 1 tomato, 1 cucumber and a box of $6 lettuce, they need a bowl of expensive soup to warm them up after they get their overpriced rent bill.

Moronoman Empire Strikes Back and Fails!

I prefer Campbells chicken soup myself. This place sounds bad. Two thumbs down.


Oh man I tried this the other day and leave much to be desired for. I placed a too go order and when I came home I realized my order was messed up beyond repair.

My medium Burger was half raw. I am not talking about a bit of pink I am talking about incoocked meat. I had to finish cooking it myself to make it safe to eat.

I was supposed to get three sides but only got two…..

And lastly my entree has a rock in it. Am actually rock, almost broke my teeth.

This places get a triple F rating.

Stay away for the safety of your teeth and the risk of getting an E coli infection.

rocks in my socks

You got an extra rock for free and you’re complaining about it? Damn entitled millennials.

Dr. J

A certain trustfund entitled millenial. No way did he go to college or even graduate high school with this writing: “a too go order” “incoocked meat” “Am actually rock”. Pathetic.


Oh great, these HIPSTERS need another place for overpriced soup. More proof that DumBlasio is in the pocket of Big Poultry. Why isn’t Jimmy Van LAMER doing more to prevent these businesses that only cater to high-income residents?!?!


I don’t mind a statement that I disagrees with, that uses some sense, but to pin this on the mayor seems really dumb.

Restaurant opens –> servers soup –> soup price seems high —>hipsters will want that –> proves DeBlasio caters to big poultry

Is your second question a joke? The answer is ,”because it’s a free market system”


He generally makes satirical posts on using the handle of another user which he has commandeered to be an a$$hole and piss of this other guy


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