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Catholic Charities files plans to build a 7 story senior housing complex in Astoria

Site of proposed seven story building

May 18, 2017 By Christian Murray

The housing division of Catholic Charities has filed plans to construct a seven story residential building in Astoria catering to low income seniors.

The building, which is slated to go up at 23-11 31 Road, would consist of 93 affordable dwelling units and would be across the street from another low-income senior complex that Catholic Charities manages. That complex, called the Catherine Sheridan Houses, has 240 units.

The new structure would go up on what is now a parking lot. It would include space for a community room and community facilities on the ground floor.  There would be 14 to 16 residential units on each floor, from floors 2 through 7.

Catherine Sheridan Houses

The architect working on the plans is listed as Dattner Architect, the firm used to design the massive Hallets Point project.

Details as to who would qualify for the houses are not known.

However, to qualify for the Catherine Sheridan Houses, seniors must be over 62 years of age, with singles earning less than $44,350 or two people under $50,700.

Tenants are selected via a lottery.


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your neighbor

Someone named Christian writing a story about Catholic Charities – love it!


Must suck for the people who used to park in that lot now have to look for street parking. That area is so congested. Good luck looking for parking after 5pm on a Sunday!


People over 62 years of age, with singles earning less than $44,350 or two people under $50,700 will not be a problem to find in Astoria. There are also many that earn less than that under 62.


Astoria continues to grow as a place where one is paying 2,000 a month for a new 1 bedroom apt and the neighbor across the street is paying much lower because they lived here for years or qualify as low income and getting rent vouchers from the city. Lots of the older buildings that i know of accept nyc rent vouchers. I am sure new affordable buildings will be built as time goes by (my guess in Northern Astoria where they have the space). This is the future of Astoria. It is very obvious on some blocks. You see a new high rise and then turn the corner where people are struggling to pay bills and living off food stamps.


$2000 for a new one bedroom is cheap . If you can find that , it’s a bargain.

I’m surprised 62 is considered a senior.
That’s so young .


It really depends where in Astoria you are looking to live. From what i see, North of Astoria Blvd (Ditmars area) is still much cheaper to live than South of Astoria Blvd. (30 Ave/Broadway). If you compare available rentals on sites you will see the difference. But i think this also has to do with the south being more newly developed than the north. Ditmars still has many elderly people, a growing muslim community, a wave of new younger renters and many people who were priced out of the south that came to the north. Hence, the ditmars area is more economically diverse and you can bargain with landlords and Realtors because it has become much harder for older homes/apts to be rented.

Gloria Navarro

Pls put me in the waiting list. Where can I apply for Sheridan and the new bldg.?


yea we know who gets the first choice from the lottery and it is not the people that live in the neighborhood –


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