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Busy Astoria Blvd Intersection Gets New Traffic Light


March 18, 2016 Staff Report

A challenging intersection on Astoria Boulevard got a new traffic light recently.

The traffic light was installed at Astoria Boulevard South and 43rd Street, following community advocacy for further safety measures at this intersection, according to Council Member Costa Constantinides’ office.

There is no normally functioning traffic light along Astoria Boulevard on the three blocks between Steinway Street and 43rd Street, causing heavy and quick flows of traffic, Constantinides said. There is also low visibility at that corner for drivers making a right turn from 43rd Street onto Astoria Boulevard.

At this intersection, 43rd Street also serves as an outlet to the Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn Queens Expressway for high volumes of drivers.

The new traffic light is expected to calm traffic here.

“The vast quantity of cars along the Astoria Boulevard thoroughfare, combined with the drivers driving at high speeds to get to the Grand Central or BQE, created a dangerous traffic situation,” he added.  “This new light will help ameliorate these issues.”

Assembly Member Aravella Simotas said this traffic light will benefit both drivers and pedestrians.

“It will help residents on 43rd Street by slowing down speeding cars and it’s going to make drivers safer too,” she said. “That means fewer accidents and injuries, which we can all appreciate.”

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Now all we have to do to make it really safe is to get bike riders and pedestrians to obey the rules as well.


It has come to a point where it is very unsafe to cross the street in Astoria without a traffic light.


This is a good place for a light because it is a dangerous intersection. I take this street regularly (avoiding Steinway street traffic) and it is hard to see oncoming high speed traffic when you’re trying to make a turn.


Thank you Council Member Costa Constantinides for all your great work and dedication to our community.

Taho Parei

i still don’t understand ether, by the way WHAT HAPPEN WITH WITH SPEED LIMITED???? ARE WE KEEPING VISION ZERO RULES ??

Anonymous visitor

The speed limit is not always obeyed because we have so many irresponsible, careless and real stupid drivers. If you notice, many people speed to red lights, it’s amazing how dumb people are.


I guess installing traffic lights and bike lanes everywhere justifies that 32% raise constantinides just voted himself. How about listening and paying attention to the tax paying citizens who pay for that 32% raise. How about not over crowding Astoria.

Joseph Patrick

i still dont understand why an assembly person, Simotas is so involved in local traffic patterns and traffic controls. maybe she should run for city council instead and get some of that 32% raise Constantinidis voted himself.


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