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Bronx Man Who Held Up Astoria Bodega Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

Bonoful Grocery (photo: Google)

Nov. 6, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

A Bronx resident was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Wednesday after pleading guilty to his role in an armed robbery that took place at an Astoria bodega in November 2018, the Queens District Attorney’s Office announced today.

Hannibal Ali, 56, of Hughes Avenue in the Bronx, was part of a three-man crew that robbed a bodega on 36th Avenue at gunpoint and then fled the scene in a get-away van. A relative of the bodega owner who chased after them as they made their exit was shot in the leg.

Ali was seen on CCTV inside the store with a fake police shield around his neck and a gun in his hand. The two other men wore masks to cover their faces and also had fake police shields around their neck.

The men, according to court documents, entered the Bonoful Grocery, located at 29-11 36th Ave., at around 8:20 p.m. on Nov. 17 and accused the store owner of illegal activity. They then grabbed a bag of cash behind the counter and took money from the register.

The 30-year-old relative of the bodega owner chased after the thieves and was shot in the leg. The men then took off in a van driven by a get-away driver.

“It is very fortunate that the young man – a hero who acted without thought for his own safety – survived being shot as he chased down the robbers,” said Acting District Attorney John M. Ryan in a statement.

“The defendant has pleaded guilty in this case and is going to prison for his actions that day. This kind of brazen thievery will not be tolerated in Queens County and those who violently break the law will be prosecuted and incarcerated.”

Ali pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery on Sept. 23 and Queens Supreme Court Justice Joanne Watters sentenced him today to 15 years in prison, to be followed by 5 years’ post release supervision.

Osvaldo DeJesus, 25, Ali’s co-defendant, pleaded guilty last week to second-degree robbery and is scheduled to be sentenced next month. A third defendant’s case is pending.

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Butter weeda and 9trey

I would have given up a months pension check to see the expression on his face when he seen the jury pool before the trial!! FLMAO!!!


Since when do the residents of Astoria refer to a Deli or convenience store as a BODEGA …. this is westen queens not Spanish Harlem… why are AOCing everything up.

S . Sweets

Now let’s get into the meat of this situ . Why do three guys arm themselves and go into an establishment ? These days most ppl know and criminal minded ppl know bodegas don’t have much cash on hand . So what made them choose this place ? That’s what needs to be investigated … Three armed robbers a getaway car and driver fronting as Cops . Figure it out . Even a civilian can do this math

S . Sweets

Yeah seven and a half years for armed robbery seven and a half years with assault with a weapon . So fifteen years sums it it up right read CPL .

Criminal Justice

Under Mayor Doofus DeLazyio’s criminal justice reform, he’ll probably be released and given a MetroPass and Mets tickets if he promises to return to the court. (It’s no joke, that’s part of his plan. DeLazyio is determined to return NYC to how it was in the 1980s.)

Actually he was sentenced to 15 years in prison

They don’t usually release people that pled guilty lol. Please try reading the articles your copy and paste this on.


First, people were saying “because of DeBlasio he won’t go to jail.”….now it’s “Well, he’s going to jail but he’ll probably be released”.

Wait, the 1980’s were bad? Then why do so many complainers on here talk about how things were so much better. lol

S . Sweets

Most complainers are transplants going on hearsay … Most really have no clue as to how N.Y. was back in the day they were to afraid to even venture here to visit and experience it for themselves … N.Y. sweet now

S . Sweets

No if he got fifteen flat he will not be on the bricks again until fourteen years and eight months have come and gone …

S . Seeets

No violent criminal acts will still get cash bails . That no cash bail only applies to non violent crimes . We all know the mayor is off his rocker but even he’s not that stupid to just let every body who commits a criminal act just walk free …


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