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Bareburger’s Salt & Bone to open on 30th Avenue next month, replaces Burnside Biscuits

Salt & Bone to replace Burnside Biscuits

Dec. 22, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

The company behind the Bareburger restaurant chain is expected to open a new barbecue restaurant on 30th Avenue by the end of January—taking the place of its previous venture Burnside Biscuits.

The new restaurant, called Salt & Bone, will offer a southern barbecue experience using meats that are antibiotic free, keeping with the natural theme of the Bareburger restaurants, said spokeswoman Jessica Naldo.

The new restaurant will open in the space formerly occupied by Burnside Biscuits at 32-07 30th Avenue. Burnside opened in the summer of 2015 and closed this past September, with a promise of a new concept coming soon.

“Burnside did fairly well for the area and was embraced by the community, but it wasn’t as strong as what [the company] had hoped for,” Naldo said. “Ultimately it was a concept that with rising rent prices, and when you factor in different aspects, it just wasn’t as strong as they wanted it to be.”

Naldo said that Salt & Bone will serve food counter-style, and the menu will include smoked brisket, smoked pork ribs and smoked chicken. The dishes will all be served bare with sauces on the side.  Side dishes will include macaroni & cheese and wood fired broccoli salad, among others.

The restaurant will also serve a selection of draft beers, wine, and craft cocktails.

“Salt & Bone will be the epitome of simple, wood-fired, clean-meats,” Naldo said.

Salt & Bone’s kitchen will be headed by pitmaster Spiro Kourides, who grew up in Astoria and went on to work as culinary director for Delaney BBQ in Brooklyn.

Salt & Bone will embrace the southern barbecue aesthetic with a completely renovated interior. It will have all wood floors and ceilings, garage door walls and benches, and a generally “rough, dingy, and unfinished but refined and edgy” feel, according to Naldo.

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All their 5 star reviews are fake. They’re written by friends of theirs or people who work there. They are sad and desperate and rude and sell cold food with congealed cheese on it!
No thanks. I give them a year. Close this shit down and bring back Athens Cafe. Or a starbucks. A starbucks would be awesome. Can we start a petition and make this happen?


I give them 6 months! They’re rude, cocky and fake. Food overpriced and shitty. Bye girl! Bye!

Really now

Bearburger was awesome until they got stupid with their prices – portions got small, burgers alway over cooked even when you send them back, haven’t been back in at lest 5 years
Burnside -not surprised they closed with 46+ dollars for fried chicken you out of your F-in mind – biscuits – Pillsberry were better
Now Salt n Bones – with the same owners- means over priced food that misses the mark – Now with butcher bar , Strand a couple blocks – you missed the BBQ ship and will not last 6 to 8 months-
Reevaluate your plan, look at the neighborhood, what’s missing, what do people want? Great food something different with fair prices not the SOS

Skip Seglipse

Sounds like they are trying desperately to find lighting in a bottle again but missing badly.

They got lucky with Bareburger, which isn’t even that good, but came along as peoole were jumping on the organic bandwagon.


The other place didn’t last cause the food sucked and was over priced. Nobody went.
F$$k that place; wouldn’t support them for shit

wat a joke

Will they have the same frozen meat that’s delivered on Sysco 18 wheelers like, ahh you know, Bareburger and McDonalds? I hope so cause I can’t get enough of tasteless frozen/thawed meat.


All you people do is complain about everything. Everyone wants “Farm to Table” but complains when the prices are high… It’s impossible for Restaurants to be economically viable towards themselves and to their customers without using companies like Sysco, US FOODS, etc… They have products that are just as good. If you don’t know then don’t speak.

Tommy a

Thats like saying bring back the greeks and the Italians. It aint happening!!! The place is ruined.


Sooo….basically a replica of The Strand Smokehouse on Broadway just a few blocks away, complete with same garage door concept and everything. The Strand doesn’t live up to my bbq expectations so hopefully Salt & Bone will, but I agree with AEL…bring something unique to the area! We’re already saturated with BBQ and comfort food style places.


Another place that wont last long. Same guys same old same old. Bring something unique to the area gee!


I think the area needs a cafe. Somewhere where you can sip coffee and have some desserts, perhaps a light meal. An Athens style Cafe would be received well.


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