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Bank Robber Left in Critical Condition After Falling From N/W Subway Platform During Escape

Santander Bank at 37-10 Broadway (Google Maps)

Dec. 2, 2019 By Allie Griffin

A man is in critical condition after stealing thousands in cash from an Astoria bank and then falling from an elevated subway platform Saturday, according to reports.

Michael Stathis, 34 of Sunnyside, was arrested Saturday after stealing $3,055 from a Santander Bank at 37-10 Broadway in Astoria, police said.

Stathis passed a note demanding money to a bank teller, which said “My mom is sick. Need money for my mom, it’s going to be quick,” at around 12:20 p.m. The teller handed over the cash and Stathis fled westbound on Broadway, cops said.

He entered a nearby N/W subway station to escape the police that were swarming the area. He was spotted by officers who chased him to the end of the platform. Stathis tried to escape by climbing down a support pole, but lost his footing and fell to the sidewalk below, according to reports.

The 34-year-old suffered head trauma and was rushed to NYC Health & Hospitals/ Elmhurst in critical condition.

He was arrested soon after for robbery in the third degree and criminal possession of stolen property, police said.

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Pat Macnamaracist he doesn't comment on every crime that happens in Queens

I know, I’m surprised too

Louis Bauso

Good for him. Perp got what he deserved. Can’t run from the long are of the law. Great job 114 police personnel. Let’s see how long it takes for the socialist liberals to blame the NYPD for his injuries. One for the good guys.


Got what he deserved? He didn’t hurt anybody. He didn’t threaten to hurt anybody. He allegedly took an insignificant amount of money from a global bank. Sorry, I don’t sympathize with Santander Bank. Too bad the perp didn’t get away.


But he does hurt the community. A bank teller does not hand money unless they feel threatened. What you are proposing is a world where anyone can steal from anyone else without sanction. That’s called anarchy. It is unfortunate that he was injured but it’s important that he was caught.


I happen to agree here with Josh and would post a lot more but my spaceship to planet yafukenkiddinme is here and Gotta run

Three grand.

He stole, genius! He lied about his mother. WTH will anyone do with the whopping three grand he stole???


it’s sad he had to steal from a bank to pay for his mother’s medical needs if that part of the story is true. There has to be some other way of helping family aside from robbing a bank. what he did was wrong, and injuries self-sustained. More than anything take pity on these sad souls. He needs help, we all do! More compassion and empathy would make us all better as a society. instead we have assholes walking around acting like their shit don’t stick!
Louis, you actually use your full name on here too. I know you are 62 years old and haven’t actually resided in Astoria since 2016, and you live on Long Island. Dude, be mindful of the info you post when talking trash. More important, be nice. There’s enough chaos and bullshit in the world right now. Why add to it?


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