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Astoria’s King of Falafel to open brick-and-mortar eatery

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April 7, 2015 By Michael Florio

The king will soon have his very own castle.

Fares Zeideia, owner of the popular King of Falafel & Shawarma food truck, has confirmed that he will be opening a restaurant at 30-15 Broadway, where Chirping Chicken is currently located. He hopes to open next month.

The food truck, which operates just one block away at the corner of Broadway and 30th Street, is expected to continue as usual.

DNAinfo was first to report on Zeideia’s plan to open a brick-and-mortar eatery.

Zeideia has been in business since 2002, starting at Broadway. His business has flourished and he has gone on to open two more falafel food trucks–one in midtown Manhattan and the other on 30th Avenue.

The truck’s menu consists of falafels, beef and chicken kebabs, chicken platters and soup.

The restaurant will have a significantly larger menu. It will seat around 30 people. This will be Zeideia’s first restaurant.

Meanwhile, the owner of Chirping Chicken refused to comment as to what his next steps might be.

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Randy Super

Can’t wait! My good friend Gyro Jerry is involved with this. Guaranteed to be good and he will hire hot jerkable girls to work there.


It’s about time the sidewalk is clear of this pigeon food king.
Time for him to pay taxes like everyone else. He must have feared at the news of the corner sold to a housing builder


This is the funniest thing. I always go to this falafel truck for dinner, and my roommate always goes to Chirping Chicken. We’ve had playful debates about which has a better kebab in the past, but I think I officially win.


Chirping Chicken has mice. Seriously, I went there one night a couple years ago and there was literally a mouse running between the cooking area and the dining area. That was obviously the last time I ever set foot in Chirping Chicken.

Anonymous visitor

why would you open up a retail shop…. now you have to pay rent , fees and worst of all TAXES!!! congrats have fun with the dept of labor and IRS…


always thought “chirping chicken” was a weird name for a restaurant. by the time that chicken gets to you it’s faaaar from chirping

Chuck Jennings

Congratulations! This is a hard working, friendly group who have been providing good food and service to the neighborhood for a long time. Hoping for continued success.


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