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Astoria rooftop bar subject to several noise complaints


May 4, 2015 By Michael Florio

A Steinway Street lounge bar has been put on notice following a number of noise complaints by nearby residents, according to the captain of the 114 precinct.

The precinct has received several complaints about Sunset Restaurant and Lounge, located on the sixth floor at 32-72 Steinway Street (btwn Broadway and 34th Ave.), said Captain Dennis Malaney at the 114th community precinct meeting last week.

The complaints have been lodged by residents who live on 38th and 41st streets.

“We have received a lot of complaints about noise coming from the rooftop bar, particularly on the 38th Street side,” Malaney said.

Malaney said officers went to the bar late last month and issued summonses and violations due to the noise.

Several residents at the precinct meeting spoke out against the lounge.

“I live on 41st Street and I did not sleep Friday or Saturday night this past weekend,” said one resident, who would not provide his name. “This has been happening every weekend for a year now and it doesn’t end.”

His wife, who also did not wish to give her name, said the noise gets worse as the weather gets better.

“They open the windows and doors when it gets nice out and the noise echoes for blocks,” she said.

She added that some nights she hears the DJ speaking over the music until 3:30 am.

One resident added that sound proofing measures are needed.

Malaney said the precinct will continue to monitor the rooftop bar. He said that the owner, manager and security team want to work with the precinct to find a way to operate while not disturbing residents.

Malaney added that if the noise complaints continue the precinct would take stronger measures and could build a case against it. If the establishment fails to comply, the precinct would reach out to the State Liquor Authority that could potentially pull its liquor license.

“It is like a foundation you have to build it up,” he said. “But we are aware and we will keep addressing it.”

The owner of lounge did not respond to calls for comment.

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Bryan Said

Consider using a Jbn Sound Ceiling speaker system to solve the problems. Directional audio without the spill to neighbours. That is the answer. No more noise complaints


I have an idea. Let’s chuck these ISIS types off the roof of the ‘roof bar’ and see how much noise they make when their bodies are crush against the pavement below?


This place is nothing but a nuisance. They play loud music that people in the surrounding blocks can clearly hear past 2AM more than half the week including weeknights. It’s ridiculous.

Someone told me about the NYC 311 site ( that shows noise complaints and it says they have over 175 noise complaints in the last year and more than 100 of those have come in the last few months.

Whoever owns and operates this place is a scumbag because none of the other bars in the surrounding area have this issue.


I’ve been there once its pretty decent, but I can understand the nearby residents’ point of views. Loud music being played in a bar surrounded by glass? next to residential rooftops? Not too smart.


I just wish they would level all of Steinway Street from top to bottom. It’s like living with ISIS.

Tom Bosley

How does your hatred for middle eastern people have to do with an roof top bar annoying locals? How about you move midwest so you can complain about the arabs with the other klan members.


Tom Bosley how about you look for Charlie’s Angels and drop dead. Probably a transplanted Homo who is holding hands with a man on Broadway.


bros and woo girls are simply louder than previous generations were. It’s a very “look at me” demographic. Rooftop bars are fun, cool, pretty; but the type of people that they attract ruin it for others. Part of this is simply that millennials are louder than Gen Xers or Boomers. They don’t know how to be cool. They are happier just being obvious,boisterorous,and in the way.


I am a resident who lives on 41st St and Sunset is the WORST. Not only are they blasting music on their patio on Thursday-Sat nights they are also doing it during the day on Sunday. There is no peace.

And what the hell is this awful bar anyway? You can serve $15 cocktails and put up a faux red carpet but that does not make you classy. It makes you a disturbance to your neighbors.


We live on 38th Street and the noise is also very bad where we are. I just found out Sunset Lounge has new ownership and changed their name to Escape Penthouse. They are, “concerned about our neighbors” and “doing everything we can.” And yet they’re still blasting the bass as of last night, May 15. I’ve been calling 311 and writing Yelp reviews, but I’m not sure what else we can do except install our ACs (to drown out the noise) and wait…


Astoria has changed so much and not for the better but for the worse. Roof top bars? Who wants to hear these drunks screaming from a roof top bar? We already have to listen to them stumbling down the streets drunk at 4am talking loud like it’s the afternoon. Astoria has become a mix of midwestern yuppies and gay men who party 24/7. That is not a neighborhood.


Get used to it. Astoria has turned into a neighborhood for frat boys. All college kids and part goers. Not a place for families and kids.


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