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Astoria rental prices continue to climb, according to report

Jan. 20, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

The cost to rent an apartment in Astoria continues to climb, according to a report released by the real estate research firm MNS this week.

The average rent paid for an Astoria studio in December was $1,922 per month, according to MNS. That figure was up nearly 3 percent from December 2015, when the average cost of a studio was about $1,866 per month.

The cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment increased 3.6 percent over the past year. A typical one-bedroom apartment in Astoria cost $2,131 in December 2016, compared to $2,057 per month for the same month in 2015.

The cost of a two-bedroom jumped about 6 percent over that same period. A two bedroom rented for $2,582 in December 2016, compared to $2,437 in December 2015.

The Astoria rental market continues to climb compared to the rest of Queens on a year-over-year basis.

From December 2015 to December 2016, studio prices in the borough rose by 3.9 percent, while one-bedrooms rose by 1 percent and two bedrooms by 3 percent.

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Skip Seglipse

Outrageous rents are a drain on the economy, overall. People are spending a greater % income on housing than ever before.

Greedy landlords that collect but don’t update the buildings or upgrade them and cry poor at every turn.


Abject greed on the part of landlords. And how many of those landlords actually live in the community? When I first got back from the Navy back in 1986, I was able to rent a 3 bedroom apartment on a quiet residential street off Steinway for $425. That was reasonable.


Flushing? Yeah right, unless you speak ,eat,and drink asian forget it. They have dollar buses ,they wont ride a bus with you, do you think they’ll rent to you. Get real round eye

Andreas Savva

Yea Corona and Flushing so the commuting to the city is a nightmare!
it used to take me 15 minutes to go to work (West 66 street & Broadway), and I’ve made the mistake to move to NJ and now it takes me 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Astoria is a illuminating STAR in Queens, with only one issue, PARKING!
Paying 2K and 3K for rent, is nothing, compared to what it is offering!


I pray the bubble bursts on all these developers including all of the counsel people that are lining their pockets –


there is a lot of over supply right now.

owners and builders are giving away two free months and covering broker fees. Some buildings are offer to pay brokers 20% of 1 years annual rent to get their homes filled.


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