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Astoria graffiti vandal indicted for tagging walls to trees

clean-up-450x337Oct. 29, 2014 By Christian Murray

An Astoria graffiti vandal was indicted today by a Queens County jury for allegedly tagging everything from highway walls to the observation deck at Astoria Park.

Michael Mestric, 30, of 44th Street in Astoria, allegedly tagged “AOE” throughout Queens and Brooklyn on property such trees to traffic control boxes between May 2013 through April 2014.

Mestric was arraigned on a 38-count indictment charging him with 19 counts of criminal mischief and 19 counts of making graffiti. His next court date is Oct.31 where he faces up to 7 years in prison.

“Today’s indictment is part of our continuing efforts to combat graffiti and to eradicate it from our borough. Graffiti is not art – nor is it a victimless crime. Tagging encourages lawlessness,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A Brown.

Mestric found a canvas for his tag at nearly ever turn, Brown said. His moniker ‘AOE’ was spray painted on highway walls along the Grand Central Parkway, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Long Island Expressway.

Mestric is also accused of tagging traffic control boxes, a fence and a tree, as well as the historic observation deck at Astoria Park.

The damage and cost of removing the graffiti is alleged to have exceeded $12,500 and the observation deck at Astoria Park alone cost more than $2,500 to repair.

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You people are crazy, you call that art. Art is when the students from the Frank Sinatra school painted on the walls to make Astoria beautiful. Then crazy people like him ruined it and painted over their art pieces.. He should be arrested, 30 years old and going on 2.


You people call that art. Art is when the students from the Sinatra school painted on the walls to make Astoria pretty. Then some jerk like this guy came along and painted over it. He should be arrested and sent to prison. He is 30 and should pay for his crime.


Scrawling a tag on somebody’s private property is not art. It is deserving of a baseball bat to the head. If this mutt cannot pay treble damages he should get prison time, #art my ass.


He tagged the whole side of my friends house,I heard he was a drug dealer and user too,this girl said he was a homeless crackhead and she did heroin with him when she was briefly homeless


I hope he is ordered to do some community work and cleaning up graffiti, garbage and chewing gum remnants for the next 26 weekends would be a good way for him to repay his debt to society. There’s no point in incarceration or a fine (which he won’t pay)


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