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Astoria Ferry To Dock At Hallets Cove In 2017

Ferry Landing Location

June 5, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

Plans for the ferry that will bring Astoria residents to Manhattan starting in 2017 were revealed Thursday at a town hall meeting.

According to the City’s Economic Development Corporation, the Astoria Ferry will dock at Hallets Cove–adjacent to Astoria Houses, just west of Goodwill Park, and accessible from 8th Street and Vernon Boulevard.

The ferry will run from Astoria to Roosevelt Island, to Long Island City, to East 34th Street and Wall Street in Manhattan.

The EDC estimates that by 2025, the ferry will serve 600 riders daily from Astoria.

This new route is one of five slated to open between 2017 and 2018 as part of a Citywide ferry plan announced by the Mayor in his State of the City address earlier this year. Funding for the Astoria dock comes through the City’s agreement with developers of the nearby Astoria Cove megaproject.

Overall, the crowd of about 150 appeared satisfied with the EDC’s plans and excited for the ferry’s arrival, although several had reservations about the ferry’s impact on parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

According to the EDC, planners estimate that “fewer than 10” parking spaces will be taken as a result of people driving to ferry dock.

“It’s still not going to work,” Astoria Houses resident Carmen Wynder said. “Go down there right now; you can’t find a parking space.”

“I come off at Hoyt Avenue at 7:30 in the morning and I see people scrambling for parking,” George Marsh, who works at Astoria Houses, said.

Several cited the thousands of apartments slated for the vicinity of the proposed ferry landing, at Astoria Cove and Hallets Point, as cause for concern as demand for the limited number of spaces grows.

Numerous attendees also took issue with the structure of the EDC’s presentation itself.

After EDC representatives gave a slideshow talk on the ferry’s location, rollout and design, they broke into small stations – geared to separate issues such as transportation and design – to speak one-on-one with neighbors. There was no opportunity for a public question-and-answer session.

“I thought that that weakens us as a community. I wasn’t too happy about that,” Vernon Boulevard resident Mayra Mercado said. “It dilutes our voice.”

“When you have a breakout format, you [should] come back together, and one person from each groups shares,” 28th Avenue resident Dominique Perrot said. “I don’t really know what all the issues are.”

Main Avenue resident Lynne Serpe called the breakout sessions “ill-advised,” adding that she was especially disappointed not to be able to speak with the EDC publicly about the ferry’s cost.

A ferry ride will run $2.75 – the cost of a MetroCard swipe. However, as Serpe was told during breakout and the EDC later confirmed for the Astoria Post, this fare is not integrated with the MTA system; riders cannot transfer from the ferry to the subway, for example.

The existing East River Ferry costs $4 per trip on weekdays and $6 on weekends. The Staten Island Ferry to the southern tip of Manhattan is free.

“[My question was] I think something that would have been helpful for everyone to hear,” Serpe said. “I was disappointed that they had us break up into these smaller groups.”

EDC officials said that the breakout session was designed to accommodate questions and feedback from each attendee given the meeting turnout and the project’s scope.

Next steps for the ferry process will include another public hearing during the environmental and permitting phase, according to the EDC.

Ferry Landing location with transit
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I do not want to start thinking about the noise the ferry produce. They should really think about cross referencing metros during rush hours. For the people who are conserned about parking. There is only street parking and that is only avalible mid day when the people who live in the projects are at work. However I have ridden this ferry before and it gets to the city in half the time of the trains. So will be great for those who work in manhatten or Brookly Like myself an Astoria housing resident.


I am happy to have a ferry back in Astoria. With all of the new apartments being built in Astoria, I have been truly concerned about the crowds on the morning and evening commute on the N and the W. By the way, this comment is for the person who thinks the people in Astoria houses don’t work or pay taxes. For your edification, they do work and pay taxes!

Tina Hazzard-Moran

I cant wait to go on the Ferry I use a walker and live across at the Goodwill building

Suzy O'Leary

I want to bring my grandkids to feel the same feelings of awe that I did as a kid, traveling up one side of the Columbia River, enjoy a Baked Alaska in one of the cafes, and enjoy the sea air,. I do not have very much time to take them very many places, but I would like to do this . From Brush Prairie, anything else that doesn’t take too long of the day to explore would be appreciated. Thank You


According to the EDC, planners estimate that “fewer than 10” parking spaces will be taken as a result of people driving to ferry dock.

That is a very, very poor estimate…unless each of these cars carry 50 people.


The landing should be a little further south fronting on Vernon, closer to Socrates park and Costco. There’s a dock already over there. Easier access from 21st St too. Ferry service is to be applauded though this is one of the better things from the mayor and can be a great transit resource for the city.

Mayor Gleason

This is an expensive stunt for the new development. The money will be better applied to existing transit needs, Let the developer run this ferry.

Gentrification X

The proect dwellers aren’t going to be very happy with all the “interlopers” invading their community.

steve wojsnis

terrible locacation who’s gonna go down there.extra police traffic crowds, crime. this ferry needs to be closer to astoria park and something will have to be done about parking

Anonymous visitor

But you don’t have much high density housing by astoria park. The bigger bldgs and thus larger pools of people are building up by Socrates park, making the ferry there ideal. Even better would’ve been off costco’s parking lot but that’s privately owned. Either way ferry in the neighborhood a huge plus. Getting to city, or further down brooklyn without needing subway, awesome


Yeah, the secret’s out. I’ve been busting my hump for 25 years living on 30th rd but secretly paying my taxes to Lichtenstein. Shhhh.


And in the projects you have people who have long been forced to live next to the noise and trash forced out of the neighborhood corners where the angry “working” people live…stop being such a stick in the mud and love your neighbor, you cowterd


You should not be driving to the ferry. I love right next to the studio thing. There is absolutely no parking over there.


This is great! In a location for those who would benefit from it the most. Yes, traffic congestion will need to be resolved. But on that note anyone with a car probably doesn’t need the ferry.

Anonymous visitor

Agreed, there is so much new development in that area the ferry will be a great help. Hopefully they’ll be a greater police presence to contend with the extra traffic and crowds. Now all we need is a dedicated express bus lane on 21 street and the western edge of the neighborhood will be transit satisfied.


” But on that note anyone with a car probably doesn’t need the ferry.” Makes no sense. Cars are for utility or family driving. Ferry is strictly mainly to get to parts of NYC that are horrid for cars.


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