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Astoria: Century-Old House Recently Demolished, 5-Story Apartment Building to Replace It

House Pre-Demolition (google)

Feb. 5, 2018 By Tara Law

A single-family home that was built nearly a century ago was recently demolished to make way for a 5-story residential building.

Demolition permits for the 2.5 story clapboard home, located at 23-23 30th Rd, were filed in August, and the demolition began in December. The property was bought by 23-23 Astoria LLC in June for $3.1 million.

The 93-year-old house will be replaced with a 16-unit apartment building, which will be 12,495 square feet and 50 feet tall. The owner filed for building permits on Friday.

An outdoor recreation space will be located on the roof, and a lobby and bicycle parking facility will be on the first floor.

An ambulatory healthcare facility will be located in the cellar. The building will have a driveway.

The property is six blocks from the Astoria Boulevard subway station, which connects to the N and W line.

The property is being managed by Eric Belanich of Bell Realty, according to building records, and T.F. Cusanelli and Filletii Architecture will handle the design.

Feb 5, Demolition Complete (Queens Post)


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Nice… reason I moved and can’t live in the neighborhood I grew up in. No worries, selling my parents house for 800-900,000 that was bought for 45,000 back in the day. Living in Seattle now, gonna move in next to these yuppies parents homes. Its nicer out here, why the fuck you moving into Queens when locals are dying to get out. Enjoy living with roommates Kidults. NYC is done, Astoria’s glory days are over. Move on.


The city should not allow this to happen. Developers have no respect for the neighborhoods they infect.

D. F. Sanford

Those that favor the destruction of places like this think the only thing of value in Astoria is dirt. If these places were Landmarked they would get a lot more money – not one neighborhood Landmarked ever thought it was a mistake.

Astoria isa community of people that are proud of who were are and what we are and are tired of people taking advantage of us. Old Astoria, the Steinway Mansion, the Dulken House makes us look like we are ignorant and stupid.

The fact of the matter is that communities all over NYC is figuring out ways to save properties like this. Its about time we get on the band wagon or we get lost.

Its about time our elected officials do what is done in Manhattan and Brooklyn – places were the property values are a hell of a lot higher than empty lots full of dirt in Astoria.

Go down Broadway in Ravenswood and look at block after block of tall buildings. What infrastructure is supporting this? Look how the press is silent on the area around Broadway is being torn up for more high rise development.

Ditmars, you are next.


As I have often said, I am all for progress and development, but in this case, it is radically being overdone!! Ravenswood, you say, look all around the Astoria area, and how about LIC!!?? You cannot even recognize Queens Plaza anymore!


Southern Astoria has seen an overall improvement as a neighborhood. The Ditmars area has gone down hill as a result with the trash that was pushed out of the southern side to the north.


I would like to know the size of the property that this is permitted on.
I would think there is some sought of zoning that must be met.


This was an old one family home in a very busy area, close to the expanded hospital and many new high rises and older big buildings. No person or family would of purchased it to live there for the amount it sold for and kept it as it was. It makes sense that they are turning it into a new building.


Yea! Like which family is going to pay $3.1 million for an old one family house and live in it in Astoria. When here someone paid that much it is usually a developer around here who plans on renovating it and renting it out.


I was born and raised in Astoria and how the council members allow thus to happen. Disgusting how a neighborhood can allow this to happen. What a shame. Money hungry over hustory for the neighborhood.


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