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Another Hotel Planned for Long Island City/Astoria Border

37-10 10th St. (Photo: Google Maps)

June 13, 2018 By Tara Law

Permits have been filed to build yet another hotel near the Long Island City/Astoria border.

The 15-story, 385-key building planned for 37-10 10th St. is the third hotel to have been proposed for the area in the last two weeks. The structure will be 147 feet tall and take up 114,146 square feet.

The hotel will feature on-site attendant parking for 48 cars and 120 square feet of parking for eight bikes on the first floor. 

Hotel guests will have access to an exercise room on the first floor.

Demolition permits for an existing 1-story warehouse at the location were approved in May.

The location is five blocks from the 21st St- Queensbridge (F) subway station and four blocks from Queensbridge Park.

The property is owned by developer Dun Zhang. The architect, Gene Kaufman, is regarded as one of the most prolific architects in the city, and is well-known for designing budget hotels, according to The Real Deal.

The neighborhood has become a popular location for developers to build hotels in recent years. Permits were filed two weeks ago for a 9-story, 102-room hotel at 38-53 10th St. and an 8-story, 95-room hotel at 23-15 39th Ave.

Developers have filed plans to build 45 hotels in Long Island City since 2010, making LIC the most popular outer borough neighborhood for new hotels, according to real estate magazine The Real Deal.

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These hotel developments beat the residential housing zoning allowances and later on if these buildings are converted to residences there will be no problem getting them to vacate (as you would with rent stabilized tenants. These hotels are future apartments – in the meantime they generate revenue housing homeless, psychopaths, sex offenders , and european tourists.


Trump train leaving the station. Bettre get on board while you can. Unstoppble development. Wow!!


I just don’t think there’s any evidence to back up that he isn’t responsible for it


Sure, but who will fund for a garden with higher priority projects needed to be done?


With so many trees being panted each year and it becoming more crowded (that you can not walk on the sidewalk without bumping into people and dogs) I do not understand why they can not plant a couple of bushes and flowers in the tree area (some are like 10 ft long).

Concerned taxpayer

Another homeless shelter being built who’s kidding who you cant fiil all those rooms already on 13th st by 40 ave the turned a beautiful 2yr old hotel into a homleless shelter


Agree with Concerned Tax Payer. This will be open for 5 minutes as a “hotel,” then will be a dwelling for homeless. Let’s just be honest and up front about what this is.


Manhattan hotels can be very pricey. Since we are so close to the city it makes sense to build all these hotels in this area for those who want to spend less and are coming from nearby expanding LGA. They are also good locations for possible homeless shelters and such to diversify (economically and socially) the area as our mayor would say.


The mayor does not live near any homeless shelters maybe he should be. Do you live near any homeless shelters because if you did you would not be making the statement that you did. Many of us people do and come with horror stories and there is also alot of trouble with them.


Apparently he is doing something right for the majority of voters who elected him another term as Mayor of NYC. Face it, most of the people that are bothered by homeless shelters are those that live near one. The majority of people feel like it is the right thing to do and those against are quickly shunned and looked down upon if they speak up against one. IMO, our mayor might run for President one day. He and his family appeal to many democrats and liberals.


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