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Another 7-Story Development To Rise On 35th Street, Across From Kaufman Studios


Oct. 27, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

Preliminary construction work is in gear at the site of a new seven-story apartment building on 35th Street, across the street from Kaufman Astoria Studios.

The development will include 65 rental units and first-floor retail, and will be located at 34-22 35th St.

This address is sandwiched between Bravo International Supermarket and a seven-story, 33-unit condo building called “The Marx,” which is currently under construction.

Developer Ted Kakoyiannis called the incoming building “upscale,” citing amenities including a roof deck, gym, high-ceiling residents’ lounge, and a backyard that may include a bocce court.

Kakoyiannis also said the basement will have parking for roughly 70 cars in “stackers,” meaning cars will be parked on top of one another to maximize space.

“We like the Astoria market in general because it’s an organic neighborhood that has been there for a long time,” Kakoyiannis said. “Unlike the Long Island City waterfront, where it’s now coming along, here you already have the establishments, the restaurants, the bars, health clubs, shopping – and transportation, very importantly – all within walking distance of the site.”

The development is expected to be fully constructed by early 2017.

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Yeah, I tired the suburbs out for about 4 months. The backyard didn’t make up for the boredom , the increased commute , stores closing early, lack of options for delivery, no one wanting to visit. You may like it though.


Yes, friends that i know who left for Long Island are now paying 8,000 – 20,000 in taxes for one family homes. And those who managed to find homes on long island with lower taxes have to deal with domestic disputes, bored unruly teens and parties, robberies, electrical outages, and barking dogs.


Well it’s been nice knowing ya Astoria. It was fun while it lasted. The 2000’s were great. Not so much after 2010. It’s nice all the new modern buildings are popping up, but the negative is overpopulation. Soon it’ll be like Midtown Manhattan with bumper to bumper traffic. No seats on the subway and crammed like sardines with stench of homeless. Just a few more years and I will be in suburbia in my own home with a backyard and a porch. I will come to Astoria once a month just to see how things are going and visit friends.


I am so over people who think like you! Improvements and new developments in housing are a good thing. Would you rather we read articles about how Astoria turned into a slum for the poor after the 90’s and 2000’s when many young people left there parents homes in search of better places to raise a family and better schools? So nice to see all these young working adults and families who can afford the high rents (and taxes) in Astoria. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!


Oh please that area of Astoria was a dump 20 years ago. Good luck in suburbia and see you on the suburbiapost when you are writing and complaining about the same issues or the fact that Walmart moved next door.


Ya’ll just jealous! When you get priced out and realize you are throwing money away and making your landlord rich! I’d rather have clean air, good schools for the kids, a safe neighborhood we’re everyone knows each other. No more crammed subways like sardines, looking for parking for hours, crime, dirt and stench, plus it’s only a matter of time before another terrorist attack hits the city. Plus like I said I will still visit friends make my trip to some shops in the hood to take back to my home. I love NYC just not willing to put up with the overpopulation anymore!


actually astoria is a very transient neighborhood, and much of what is being purchased are homes or young couples and expanding families.

so i don’t see the area being overpopulated any time soon

what do you expect people to do who want to buy in this neighborhood? New developments must rise.
This is already a very tight market to begin with.


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