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After Three Years, City Promises Newtown Ave Curb Extensions

DOT's original proposal

DOT’s original proposal of curb extensions

Oct. 2, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

A plan to put curb extensions at Newtown Avenue will finally kick off this fall, according to the Department of Design and Construction.

Curb extensions are intended to increase pedestrian safety by reducing crossing distances between streets.

DDC has a contractor for the project and is currently in the process of reviewing paperwork, with plans to start construction this fall, spokesperson Shavone Williams said.

The project is three years in the making.

In September of 2012, the Department of Transportation approached Community Board 1 with a proposal to construct a pedestrian plaza at Newtown Avenue. This project would have closed off part of Newtown Avenue to cars to create a community gathering space, which would have been maintained by the Central Astoria Local Development Coalition.

Barring the Board’s consent on a plaza, DOT suggested curb extensions on either side of the street where Newtown Avenue meets 30th Avenue.

Ultimately, the Board voted overwhelmingly against the pedestrian plaza plan.

According to Williams, the Newtown Avenue curb extension project was “recently” transferred from DOT to DDC. She referred questions about events leading up to this to the DOT.

The DOT did not respond to questions as of press time.

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What they need is a cross walk sign that maybe half the ass holes walking through will have some basic attention for


DOT and all no common sense . Any time city and local officials involved there is always a disaster. A for getting run over …look both ways !


I’ve almost gotten run over several times in that intersection. This is good news but it’s a pity the plaza wasn’t approved.


It’s about time. I hate crossing there since cars don’t seem to understand that pedestrians always have the right-of-way in that crosswalk.


Did the DOT take into consideration that the people who live on Newtown Av. have to get into their driveway? They already took the ability to make a right turn onto 32nd St., making us have to go all the way around to get back to 30th Av. (They reversed this street when they were doing the maintenance on the train tracks and never set it back)


You still have the ability to make a right turn onto 32nd st. It’s illegal , but you have the ability .


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