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Affordable housing units in Astoria now up for grabs


June 14, 2017 By Jason Cohen

Applications are now open for a number of affordable apartments near the Astoria waterfront.

Six affordable units are up for grabs in a five-story building located at 26-27 2nd Street. The site is on the Hallets Point peninsula, close to where the new Astoria ferry landing will be.

There are four one-bedroom units available renting for as little as $889 per month. To be eligible, annual income requirements must range from $30,480 to $ 40,080 for a single-person household to $30,480 to $ 45,840 for a two-person home.

There are two two-bedroom units on offer with the rent starting as low as $1,001. To be eligible, annual income requirements must range from $34,320 to $45,840 for a two-person household, $ 34,320 to $ 51,540 for three people and $ 34,320 to $57,240 for a four-person household.

Residents who live in Queens Community Board 1, which covers Astoria, will get a preference for half of the units.

The building includes a laundry room and parking garage. The developer ARI Properties LLC is receiving a tax exemption for providing the affordable units as part of the 421-a program.

Applications are being accepted through NYC Housing Connect until June 26.

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I’ve applied to literally DOZENS of these. Fit the income bracket, and I’m a city worker, and NEVER do I get a call.

It’s a real crapshoot.


No way would I live in something that’s a rejected Simpsons episode gone wrong. You might as well give me THEIR house in the cartoons than that unit any day of the week.


I’m all for affordable housing, but I can’t believe that they’d be charging anything more than an affordable housing rate to live in THAT! It looks like it was designed by somebody with bad taste who had attended Diploma Mill University and was tasked with creating something using the spare parts from all the other badly conceived Astoria building projects.


Look out, the AMI is getting bigger and the “affordable” rents will get higher as more luxury towers are being built. This is a big government funded scam


More places like this need to be built. I pay 1,600 for a one bedroom on Ditmars which is a crap box compared to these apts. It was one of the cheapest places I found last year that looked kind of decent. But everything is poorly updated and the old landlords are annoying.


If you are interested but don’t have a computer, or have a good friend who is computer savvy, sometimes at a quiet hour a librarian can help you( at the library). Or maybe call or visit your closest senior center. They should have case managers there to help. There are helpful people working in the local Council persons’ offices ,too. It’s worth applying- you never know..It IS a lottery. Good luck!

Carly menkin

When I moved to Astoria 9 yrs ago a 2 bedroom rented for $1500. Now a 2 bedroom goes for $2,500. All the while income has barely risen in NYC. What constitutes affordable?

Astoria resident

Affordable is defined as 33% of pre-tax income. So if you are a single person making $35,000 per year, your rent should be approximately $970 per month which is in line with the numbers mentioned in the article. In your example, assuming a rent of $2,500 for a two bedroom, the household has to make $90,000 per year. If you are a couple (or two roommates) each making $45,000 per year, a two bedroom at $2,500 per month would be considered affordable.

Sonia Baello

Good day,
I am interested in 2 BR apt for myself and my senior dad. Desperately in need, living in very hazardous conditions.

Crystal Wolfe

I say thank God for every affordable housing unit that becomes available anywhere in New York City. They are so desperately needed here.


Good luck, I’ve been applying for these for years and I never get picked. I always fit the salary, and I’m a city worker, but never ever get called. These are fixed, forget about it.

Susan Elkassar

I’m interested in the two bedroom app how can I apply I can’t see the web page thanks


Oh great! I cant wait for more to be built throughout Astoria. Hopefully closer to the train. Thank you


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