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Police release video of sedan that fatally struck man in Astoria hit-and-run

April 8, 2016 Staff Report

Police have released a surveillance video of the sedan that fatally struck a man on 21st Street.

The NYPD are searching for the driver of a silver or grey four door sedan who plowed down a 45-year-old man on Wednesday night.

The victim was walking in the middle of 21st Street, just north of 30th Road, on Wednesday just before 11 pm when he was struck by the sedan. The victim was transported to Elmhurst Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The vehicle fled the scene and an investigation is still ongoing.

Following the incident, Councilman Costa Constantinides has repeated his calls for the Department of Transportation to install a traffic light at this intersection.

The DOT said it will take another look at the intersection. The agency said that previous studies suggested a light was not needed.

Constantinides, along with Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, will hold a conference today at 11 am at the intersection, asking anyone with any information about the hit-and-run to come forward.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).


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It’s a tragedy and I hope the hit and run driver gets caught. However, watching the video I can’t help but wonder why the pedestrian was crossing into a lane where a car was speeding at him. That doesn’t excuse the hit and run manslaughter, but this incident alone shouldn’t prompt for more traffic lights. Maybe better speed enforcement is the answer, that’s what speed limits are made for. And New York City is a city of jaywalkers, let’s be honest. Unless the police begin enforcing it better.


The guy doesn’t even get hit. I watched the video a few times. The moment the car is about to make impact, everything stops.


Looks like a CHEVY IMPALA Unmarked car!!!! Let’s just be honest all tinted with black rims signature Chevy grey/midnight blue color . And if you have the time you can check tons of other cameras like 30ave and 21st.


Why is this footage in such horrible quality. They should’ve enhanced it before releasing it. My cellphone can take better recordings.


It’s horrible that this happened but it’s also more accurate to say that this incident occurred just SOUTH of 30th Avenue which does have a traffic light. This person is crossing the street away from 30-11 21st Street which is about 60 feet away from 30th Avenue. If there is a need to curb traffic speeds on 21st Street or better manage the relationship of cars and pedestrians in this corridor, let’s have that discussion. But it smells a bit of political opportunism to say that the deceased man was somehow compelled to cross there as an example of social injustice in the form of a dearth of traffic lights.


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