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60 Beans Announces Expansion


Aug. 12, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

60 Beans Coffee and Tea announced its expansion on social media on Wednesday, just a year after it opened.

The popular café is located at 36-02 Ditmars Boulevard, and will expand into adjacent space along 36th Street.

Construction is already underway. A new menu is also under development, according to the café’s social media.

The café currently serves coffee, espresso, tea and beer, as well as pastries, sandwiches and other bites.

The 60 Beans team said it was too early at this time to elaborate on its plans.

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So, you’re an idiot *and* homophobic? Figures. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost 20 years, and you are the problem, not the new kids. Go back to Great Neck, douchebag.


“Horrible hipsters and yuppies”?. They are the reason why your property values are so high and Astoria has become one of the most desirable places in the city. The old neighborhood is just that…old. Evolve or Dissolve.

Otherwise, move to the Bronx.


Seriously! I’m sure the elderly couples who have been here 50 years and now can charge $2000 a month to rent their basement are crying a river. 🙂

Anonymous visitor

Thank you James! FINALLY some sense around here.
Although James, I’m doubtful Anthony is an owner otherwise he’d be pretty happy…

Anthony A.

This is what these horrible Yuppie and Hipsters want… it’s no longer the same neighborhood. It’s a sanctuary neighborhood for creepy transplants.


Brilliant commentary. . .are you upset because they don’t serve frappes? What type of place would you like to see, old timer, a greek restaurant? Maybe some delightful corporate chain?

Anthony A.

Go back to Nebraska where they have what you want… ‘Bargain Barns’ and ‘Dairy Queens’

Anonymous visitor

umm 60 beans is nothing like a “Dairy Queen “or Bargain Barn.”

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