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6-Story, 92-Unit Apartment Building Planned for Astoria, Row of Stores to be Bulldozed

A line of shuttered storefronts in Astoria are going bulldozed to make way for a six-story mixed-use building (Google Maps)

Dec. 9, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

A six-story mixed-use building consisting of 92 units will be going up on the corner of Broadway and 29th Street in Astoria.

The development will go up at 25-33 Broadway where a number of vacant storefronts are located, according to documents filed with the DOB on Dec. 3. The site was previously occupied by a row of one-story storefronts consisting of Sac’s Place restaurant, Joy Dental and Lanzee Department Store.

The owner, listed as George Tsilogiannis (under BQ 29, LLC), is behind the new development.

Tsilogiannis has filed permits to demolish the site– as well as the adjoining site at 25-21 Broadway, which contains five additional vacant storefronts. These storefronts were formerly occupied by Fatima’s Halal Kitchen, The Strand Smokehouse, Start Fresh Express Laundry Center, The Grind NYC as well as Patel Art and Frame.

It isn’t clear what is planned for the 25-21 Broadway sites since no plans have been filed.

The eight businesses along the row have all closed down—or relocated elsewhere—with some of the spaces being vacant for years.

Some of the shuttered buildings that will be demolished on Broadway (Google Maps)

The 25-33 Broadway site is located within the blue lines, while the 25-21 Broadway site is in orange (City Planning)

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Wow there are some people who think they own Astoria or that it’s some island that nobody can touch. You do realize this is the last area this close to Manhattan that’s still relatively affordable? And yes people will move here because Manhattan and Brooklyn have priced everyone out. Get used to rapid change here because it’s coming here finally after years of stagnation.

Louis Bauso

Old school Astoria is fading away. It is truly only a happy memory. Yes we must accept progress and growth. However this expanded progress is simply greed and over populating a beautiful community. Thanks for the memories.


Seems more greedy to be against building more housing so that more people can come to the neighborhood you love so much. Keeping it all for yourself, Louis?

Jacqueline Davis

Yes I would like a application for the apartment Two bedroom my name is Jacqueline Davis Very much in need of her apartment right now please get back to me soon as possible thank you very much


Six stories is too tall for this neighborhood. I miss and shopped at these stores that have closed. Now we will be stuck with another ugly new building housing too many people in our already overly crowded neighborhood. We just don’t need this, but we did need the laundromat and the Lanzee store. It’s sad what is happening to Astoria, such a sweet neighborhood being uglified with buildings that don’t fit in here.


Its not a bowling alley (used to be years ago), it was an illegal music practice studio space that is since defunct.

Louis Bauso

Strand bowling alley and the Strand Movie theater were great childhood experiences in the 60″s and 70’s. Both were worth saving.


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