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48 ‘Affordable’ Units Up For Grabs in LIC Housing Lottery, Studios Go for $2,156

45-57 Davis St. (NYC Housing Connect)

Nov. 19, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Forty-eight apartments in a newly constructed building in Long Island City are up for grabs through the city’s ‘affordable’ housing lottery — but only for those who make at least $73,920 a year.

The building is located at 45-57 Davis St. and includes a mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. The units cost upward of $2,156 a month through the lottery.

Residents must make 130 percent of the area median income to be eligible for the lottery.

There are 12 studio units available for $2,156 a month to households of one to two people who make between $73,920 and $118,300 combined annually.

There are 32 one-bedroom units available for $2,245 a month to households of one to three people who make between $76,972 and $133,120 combined annually.

There are 12 two-bedroom units available for $2,710 a month to households of two to five people who make between $92,915 and $159,640 combined annually.

Lastly, there is one three-bedroom unit available through the lottery for $3,122 a month to households of three to seven people who make between $107,040 and $183,300 combined annually.

A breakdown of the full income requirements is below.

Housing Lottery Requirements for 45-57 Davis St. (NYC Housing Connect)

The building offers residents a number amenities including a shared laundry room, dishwashers in unit, a gym, outdoor recreational space, an elevator and children’s playroom. Some units also have balconies.

Nearby transit includes the E, M, R, N and W trains.

In addition to monthly rent, tenants are responsible for paying for electricity, which includes the cost of heat and hot water.

45-57 Davis St. (NYC Housing Connect)

The deadline to apply for the lottery is Jan. 19, 2021. Mailed-in applications must be postmarked by that date.

While the units are given out to eligible applicants through a lottery, some preference is given to applicants with vision, mobility and hearing disabilities.

Those eligible can apply to the housing lottery online here.

To request an application by mail, send a self-addressed envelope to: Tax Solute Consulting C/O 45-75 Davis St Apts. 185 Marcy Ave Suite #3-3A, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

As a result of participating in the affordable housing lottery, the building owner will receive a tax break.

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Astoria Original

Affordable? If your salary is just high enough and you’re awarded the lottery, you get the privilege of paying over half your paycheck for a cramped studio. Someone has to put an end to this scam.


If you want to live in a nice. new place you have to pay nice, new place prices and have to be able to afford nice, new place prices. No doubt the prices for people who don’t win the lottery are substantially higher – that is why they are called winners. $2245 for a brand new 1 bedroom apartment in an amenity filled building is a real deal.
Sorry if you are from a time when $8.50 an hour was a good enough wage to take care of yourself but now even jobs that require zero skills pay over $31k a year with no overtime or tips (based on $15/hr minimum wage) so one or two people earning $70k isn’t so hard to do.
From a personal budgeting perspective, paying that kind of rent on $70k income seems a little short sighted but that is a discussion for a different web forum.


If you can afford that, why don’t you get a nice manhattan place of rent a house! Stop ruining neighborhoods for those that live here cause there is no place else!
Snobs don’t like poor folk so why invade?


This is now becoming a running gag. Studios start at $2156 and you have to be making $73K + a year? Again, do your reporters NEVER question this? Isn’t that what reporting is about? You’re basically just running a press release.


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