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23-Unit Building Planned To Rise On 38th Street


April 13, 2016 Staff Report

Astoria’s blocks continue to make way for residential development, with a five-story, 23-unit residential property slated to rise on 38th Street.

Construction plans were filed yesterday with the Department of Buildings for the development at 30-68 38th St.

The building will include a recreation room on the first floor and parking for bikes and four cars, according to the DOB plans.

Last summer, developer George Elliot of Bell Realty filed demolition plans for this property lot and the adjacent 30-70 38th St., each currently occupied by small homes.

The deeds for both properties were acquired by Bessdan LLC on Dec. 4 last year. Eric Belanich, also of Bell Realty, is listed on DOB plans as the current owner of the development site.

Belanich did not respond to messages left at his office.

As YIMBY previously reported, a rezoning application has been filed for a portion of the development site. That application is currently under Community Board review, according to City documents.

30-70 38th Street Rendering (YIMBY)

30-70 38th Street Rendering (YIMBY)


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I own a home by the affordable housing building they built on Steinway. I would rather see this near me than the Affordable Housing unit run by the city!


This is will continue whether we like it or not. NYC has seen an increase in its population and there is a big push from the Mayor to help those who can not afford through rent subsidies and Affordable units. This street is pretty much high rises and new development so it is not going to make much of difference to the style of the neighborhood.


These new developments are renting out and selling pretty quickly. So what is hideous to some is perfect for someone else. If there was not a demand they would not be building here. I know if i was in the market for buying I would look for something newer. As a renter, I look for updated apartments/buildings. This in the long run makes homeowners more responsive for updating and maintaining their homes which benefits the community and keeps things at market value.


I want to know who is green-lighting all of the these development applications. It’s one after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other….

In 5 years, we’ll find out that there was a coverup and bribery, and the owners were shell LLCs owned by some wealthy Chinese ex-politician.


I hate all the demolition of Astoria houses and the building of much larger buildings (which, by the way is happening in other areas of Queens too). I do not believe the infrastructure can handle it. However, don’t blame the “hipsters/transplants”. If it was not for them, I think Astoria would not be so vital and it would have gone way down hill.


If I were an architect designing any of these hideous new buildings I would do so anonymously. They’re an atrocity to the character of the neighborhood

These developers should be ashamed to build such ugly shit

Park rez

Stop being up in arms about transplants and newbies “ruining your hood.” Be mad at owners for selling to developers.


I am sure the homeowners who sold their 100 year old home are very happy with their sold price. If I owned a home and decided to sell I too would want as much money as possible to relocate. I wouldn’t care less what happened to the home after it was sold.

L Jenn

Hideous. There goes the character of the neighborhood.

Is there some way to lodge a protest against all these ugly, greed driven, developments?


How come these narrow minded losers who post anonymously lack the intellectual capacity to discuss a topic civilly or rationally. It’s always love it or leave it with these morons. I guess that’s why they post anonymously.


This clown can’t even spell ‘ASTORIA’

I have a better idea. Pack your bags and roll up your rainbow flag and move back to Idaho.


Keep building! Keep building! We need more living spaces for the transplants who have changed Astoria for the worst.


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