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21st Street between Astoria and Long Island City to be repaved

21st Street (GMaps)

April 11, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A major throughway between Astoria and Long Island City will be fully resurfaced beginning this week.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer announced today that the stretch of 21st Street between Broadway and 47th Avenue would be completely milled and resurfaced to create a safer and smoother trip along the 20-block stretch.

“I have called on the Department of Transportation to make these crucial road improvements for years, and I am happy that work is set to begin this week to fix potholes and uneven driving conditions that make travel dangerous for cyclists and motorists,” Van Bramer said in a statement. “I will monitor this project timeline closely and look forward to cutting the ribbon on this project.”

The repaving will begin at the intersection of Broadway and 21st Street this week and work towards Long Island City.

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Can some get the city to fix the crosswalks on Broadway in Astoria from 21 to Steinway streets it is almost impossible to use a wheelchair without going into traffic


Can we please respray white lines for the lanes all over Astoria Blvd as well? Sometimes you can barely notice that there is supposed to be a lane. How expensive could it be to put some yellow and white lanes? Also to minimize traffic under 31st some street lights with turn signals would help move things along instead of waiting for 1 or 2 people to turn. Why does it take a genius to figure this stuff out?!?!


Adding a turn signal along 31st would actually increase traffic. As a rule of thumb in traffic engineering, adding complexity (i.e. turn signals) to an intersection increases congestion. However, it also increases safety.

Ben V

I have written to the DOT to place cement or partitions between oncoming traffic . Get rid of parking on 21st entirely and make left turn lanes. I see so many cars ignoring the no left turn during rush hours and it is never enforced. 21st is a major artery through astoria to get to the grand central and it should be redone completely and not waste any money just to repave it and allow cars or trucks to speed down less effortly.


how about JVB doing the roads in Sunnyside and Woodside this is his district also — he is always ready for a photo-op for what he thinks he is doing right but when then go wrong he is gone like the wind —

Jerome Basile

How about 35th Ave between 24th Street and 21st Street and let’s not forget at the corner of 24th Street and 35th Ave on the North side of 35th Ave.
AND …. 12th Street between 30th Ave and 29th Ave. I know this because I drive Ravenswood Senior Center Bus all around Astoria and LIC.


A long time ago (moved 1975), I used to live on 24th Street between 35th Ave and 36th Ave, a relatively quiet old tree-lined residential street at least at the time. I was so quiet that we could actually play touch football and catch in the street with a rare interruption for a car to pass through. The only commercial activity was a building on the corner of 35th Avenue and 24th street which at the time was a Thomas Bakery factory where they made loaves of date nut bread, which has since been discontinued as a product. Anyway, I remember that the when one went further towards the Queensboro Bridge along 24th street that those roads were still cobblestone. Are they sill? And then the streets heading towards 21st street always seemed to need a lot of work.


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