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16-Story Hotel Planned At Queensbridge, Across The Street From Howard Johnson

GMAPS 38-70

March 10, 2016 Staff Report

A new 16-story hotel is planned near Queensbridge houses, across the street from a Howard Johnson and steps from a handful of other existing and planned hotels.

Construction plans were filed for the location at 38-70 12th St. yesterday for the 139-room hotel.

According to Department of Buildings documents, the ground floor will hold a lobby and restaurant/bar.

Hotel rooms will occupy floors two through 15, and a restaurant/bar will sit on the 16th floor.

There will be parking for about 25 cars, as well as eight bicycle parking spaces.

The hotel developer is the Flushing-based Ampiera Group, which is also behind luxury condo projects in Long Island City, according to the company’s website.

Ampiera did not respond to requests for comment.

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Also one commenter was right when he./she said it was the BLOOMBERG Administration who put all this construction in motion. His PlaNY 2030 list many of what is happening now. The man who “Bought” his 3rd term wanted NYC as a city for the rich and he just might get it.Thank GOD he did notrun for President. He wold not have won because outside of rich NYC Developers no one in other states likes him or his Royal policies.


Jimmy No Brainer has got to go, he loves Over development. This Hotel as many have said on this site will be some sort of Shelter after a year or so. Too many Condos and Hotels saturated into 1 area. There is no planning here, just mass production an let he chips fall where they may.


Well as long as our city is paying 2,000-3,000 month for a room hotels converting into shelters will continue.

Not again and where is the Howard Johnson? God is watching......Shame on all of the politicians doing this....

No more buildings. No more noise. Boom boom pounding into the ground so annoying. This is stupid….The Verve is a homeless shelter…..why are you bringing all of this overcrowding into LIC and Astoria? We see all the crowds pouring into residential and semi residential streets from all of these hotels. You can’t walk around and not get hit by someone pulling a suitcase. Stop letting these builders go wild. Who did this? Bloomberg, Van Bramer Diblasio? Who did this to LIC and Astoria? Shame on you……… God is watching…………….


Jeez, how many have you have ever been there? It’s not that bad. I’m down in that area every day and my son is as well, never a problem.


Feel bad for that naive tourist from Italy or France that will come thinking it’s a hipster place only to have the ghetto thugs parked outside ready to pounce!

Don't feel

Too bad. I worked in the hospitality industry for over a decade. And on more than several occasions our staff was asked by tourists where they can go to see “the ghetto”. And oddly- where to see the “Jews with the curls”.


I blame our city officials, the media and our “mentality.”. Instead of unifying New Yorker’s we are all portrayed as separate. Hence, outsiders come to visit the circus. The minute someone says they are American someone is there to say but where are your parents or grandparents from. Its a shame, this country lacks pride.


What a joke – the censorship on this site. Make an observation about the truth and they will ban you, like all the spineless progressives in this neighborhood.


The country has been held hostage by an abusive minority, and the American people aren’t going to put up with it any more.


This area is never going to be revitalized. This is just another homeless shelter that no homeless people will use. Thanks Diblasio. People, this is what we get when we vote for a mayor simple because his son has a cool afro. Do not be white guilted / race baited into voting for this fraud again.

old astorian native

they need to take down the projects then can u imagine what they can do with that prime land from 21st down to the river n park …wow ! where is trump when u need him lol and the astoria houses too is prime land !


That will never happen. Many more people consider themselves in need of assistance from the government or a pay check away from being evicted. Nowadays, they control elected officials and the media. Keep dreaming.


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