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New Urgent Care Center for Pets Offers Veterinary Hospital Services on Steinway Street

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Dec. 2, 2019 Sponsored Story

A new urgent care center has opened in Astoria–however, this one is for our furry friends.

Dr. Pet MD, which opened on 25-63 Steinway Street in September, is a new walk-in clinic for pets that provides same-day blood tests, x-rays and diagnostic services.

The animal hospital’s chief veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Monaco, also performs major on-site operations such as soft tissue surgery, spay/neutering, parasite/heartworm testing, electrocardiograms and more.

Dr. Monaco said that she cares for every pet as though each were her own, and originally entered the field because of her love for animals and science.

“I became a veterinarian because I love animals and biology, and I treat every pet as I would want my own cat to be treated by a vet,” she said.

Dr. Jennifer Monaco (Dr. Pet MD)

Dr. Monaco said she also understands the importance of carefully establishing each diagnosis and communicating them effectively with each pet owner.

“I try not to rush things,” she said. “I take my time examining each pet, as well as getting to know their caregivers so I can help explain exactly what’s going on with their loved one and the treatment options that are available.”

Her friendly but professional candor stems from a 13-year career in veterinary services.

Dr. Monaco graduated from Hunter College CUNY with its highest honors in biology (summa cum laude). She then earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Louisiana State University in 2006, and has been a practicing vet in New York state since.

She said the most common issues that she has treated to date have been related to ear infections and eye complications. However, Dr. Monaco anticipates that there will soon be an increase in the number of pets that need to be seen for improper ingestion of holiday-related items.

“I predict that we will see more patients coming in with gastrointestinal issues during the holidays because sometimes kids and other owners tend to feed their pets Thanksgiving turkey or other items that they shouldn’t be eating,” she explained. “There’s also just a higher chance of pets coming into contact with holiday ornaments such as lights or Christmas trees, and those items can painstakingly find their ways into their system.”

She said pet owners can prevent such accidents from occurring by looking over ASPCA’s recommendations on how to decorate homes for the holidays.

Dr. Pet MD is the first urgent care animal clinic opened by owner Gerard Marrone.

Marrone, a Queens native, said he intends to open more centers throughout the borough, using a twist on an already-successful business model.

“We’re using a model that is similar to certain urgent care centers, but our clinics are specifically designed to treat pets,” he said. “It’s first of its kind in that regard, and we hope to open up more locations in Queens and Long Island in the near future.”

He said for now he’s focused on growing the company’s reputation with pet owners at the Astoria clinic.

“We’re here for the people of Astoria, to listen to what they need and to provide care that is specific to each pet that visits.”

All walk-ins and pet types are welcome. Appointments can be made by calling 718-274-2867.

For more information, including a full list of services, readers can visit their website at www.DrPetMD.com. Regular updates are also posted on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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Buck May

Quite ironically, this practice is just across the street from what was The Koop Animal Hospital. Howard J. Kopp, VMD. A truly special and superb practitioner of animal medicine. Will never forget him.


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