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Astoria Realtor Opens Property Management Firm, Company Uses Web-Based Technology for Services

July 16, 2018 Sponsored Story

Technology has changed the way people ride taxis and find dates, but one Astoria resident and long-time realtor believes his website will change how 1-6 family homeowners manage their properties.

Wolves Den, a real estate and property management firm that opened its office today at 25-06 31st St., was founded by Nafiz Rahman, a former agent at Keller Williams Realty.

Nafiz Rahman

With over 10 years of experience working in real estate, Nafiz utilizes online software that allows property managers to take care of collecting rent and other management services at an affordable rate.

Nafiz said that his goal is to make life easier for mom & pop property owners who might have full time jobs or a busy schedule by offering them his line of property management services that would assist them with items such as tenant maintenance, rent collection, garbage disposal, and monthly/annual financial statements for tax filing purposes.

“People have full time jobs and other responsibilities, so for $49.99 a month we can take care of all these things so that they can go on and enjoy their lives,” Nafiz said.

The online software also provides its clients with access to preferred vendor services from plumbers, electricians, exterminators and mortgage brokers on a referral basis.

“We want homeowners to get all of these services from one channel, which will free up their time and make their lives easier,” Nafiz said.

Online software from homeowner’s view (Click to Enlarge)

Once homeowners have signed up for an account at their website, both landlords and tenants are able able to create individual profiles to login, pay/collect rent online through an ACH (automated clearing house), and even submit requests for repairs by snapping photos from their mobile devices of what might be broken and uploading them to the website.

The property managers at Wolves Den are then notified on their devices of such activity, and can respond right away to anything that requires immediate attention.

Following a beta-testing of the software before the firm’s official opening, Nafiz and his team have already begun managing a number of units and are looking to expand in Astoria and elsewhere.

The firm aims to serve property owners with one to six family homes.

Traditional property management firms go after large buildings, where they take responsibility for anywhere between 10 to 100 units,” Nafiz explained. “However, people who own one or two family houses tend to take responsibility for their own rent collection, snow cleaning, maintenance requests and so on, and in this competitive, concrete jungle of a city, people don’t always have time for that.”

For more information, readers can visit their website at WolvesDenRealty.com or call 718-713-1862.

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They are using another company’s software and not their own. If its their own, I can understand the article but its supported with third party content.


Hi, our online platform allows our tenants or owners to take a pic using their phone and communicate with us via their personal portal to send us a job request. Once the owner approves the job & gives us the green light, we send our preferred vendors with the most cost effective rates to address the issues. The online portal is monitored everyday and our response time is within the hour during daytime as long as the owners cooperate. For minor fixes we also have handyman services with faster response time.


what miserable person downvotes this comment? please give a reason that you saw this positive message and said “no that’s not good to wish someone good luck for trying something new”


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